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About Grinder, Sander, and Polisher Parts

PlumbersStock has a huge selection of grinder, sander, and polisher parts to get your favorite power tools working just like new. Grinders, power sanders, and polishers have lots of interchangeable parts. Find out for yourself why so many homeowners and contractors alike choose PlumbersStock for power tool parts.

Choosing the Right Grinder Wheel

Though it may not seem like it, grinding wheels are somewhat difficult to pick without the correct guidance. There’s quite a lot that goes into it and, if you don’t pick the right replacement grinder parts, you may wind up spending even more time and money! Thus, here are just a few things to keep in mind to help you pick the right grinding wheel for the job:

  • Choose the Right Grains: Grinding wheel abrasives come in a variety of different grits and grains, each of which are used for different types of jobs. These include Aluminum oxide (used for grinding different types of steel and iron), zirconia alumina (used on a broad range of steels and steel alloys), silicon carbide (for gray iron, brass, stone, and rubber), and ceramic aluminum oxide (used on heavy-duty steels and materials that are hard to grind). You must pick the right one for the job, or else you may end up cracking the wheel and ruining the whole project.
  • Choose the Right Grit Size: Every wheel has a number determining its grit size, from 10 to 280). Lower numbers have a coarse grain and are used to remove larger quantities of removal while high numbers have fine grit and are used for more precision jobs.
  • Shapes: Strangely enough, grinding wheels come in a variety of different shapes. These include straight wheels, cup wheels, dish wheels, mounted wheels, cylinder wheels, and much, much more. Picking among these grinder parts should depend upon where/what you are grinding, how hard it is to reach the thing you’re trying to grind, and what shape the area is. If you have easy access to the material, a straight wheel should be fine; otherwise, determine what shape would be easiest for you based on these factors.

Repairing Your Sander or Grinder

If your sander or grinder is broken, there are quite a few things that could be going wrong. Either the motor is going bad (characterized by the machine not starting whatsoever) or it’s overheating (something that could be caused by a bad power cord) or the grinder wheel/sander itself is going bad (which can be easily fixed by replacing the wheel or sand paper). Regardless of what’s going wrong, here are just a few things you should keep in mind when fixing your grinder or sander parts:

  • Unplug the Machine: It doesn’t matter if the machine isn’t working outright; if you leave it plugged in while performing maintenance on it, it is still live. This could result in a sudden shock or worse, your grinder/sander suddenly fixing itself while your hands are within the machinery or handling the grinding panel/wheel. So, for safety purposes always unplug your equipment when working on your grinder or sander.
  • Take your Motor to a Repairman: If the problem is with the motor itself, we cannot help you here and you shouldn’t try fixing it yourself unless you are a mechanic or have experience working on heavy machinery. You could cause even more damage to the machine, making it irreparable or increasing how difficult (and expensive) it is to fix. Trust us; leave it to the experts.
  • Call for More Information: If you have questions about fixing your grinder or sander parts, we can help. Call today and we’ll give you all the information we can!

Polisher, Grinder, and Sander Parts on Sale

Remember; no matter what you are looking for, we have a huge selection of tools and an even bigger selection of tool parts. Thank you for choosing PlumbersStock for polisher, sander, and grinder parts!

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