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About Electric Chain Hoists

The electric chain hoist performs an extremely pivotal task for many DIYers. It's a specialty power tool that gives you the strength of Hercules to lift heavy objects, like car engines. Even if you are the world's strongest man and could lift it, it's in such an awkward position you cannot get the clearance you need to remove it. Get a heavy-duty hoist for the job!

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What Is a Chain Hoist?

Electric chain hoists are powerful motorized machines used for lifting heavy objects safely and quickly. Compact hoist systems, such as the Milwaukee ones offered here, provide long electric chains and are capable of lifting anywhere from ½ ton to 5 tons of weight. In addition, these hoists lift rapidly at speeds of 8 to 16 feet per minute. To ensure safety and durability, Milwaukee chain hoists offer a built-in, multiple-disc brake system that provides positive load holding and spotting.

Electric chain hoists are convenient to have in any workspace as they’re capable of lifting just about anything from a car engine or heavy machinery to large tree stumps and riding mowers. Whether you plan on lifting a load in the manufacturing, agricultural, mining, oil, or construction industry, trust Milwaukee to get the job done right for years to come.

If you’re looking to buy a portable electric chain hoist for your work area, Milwaukee integrates the best features in safety, reliability, and innovation, allowing the hoist to perform well in the harshest of industrial environments.

Choosing the Best Electric Chain Hoist

When it comes to choosing the right chain hoist for your workspace or project, planning is an important part of the operation. By doing a little research of the surrounding environment where the hoist will be and identifying some questions you need to ask yourself, you can make the best choice when shopping for your new electric chain hoist. Considering different features between models can make all the difference in whether you get a hoist that meets your needs and performs above expectations. Before you buy a chain hoist, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Capacity – How much does the item you’ll be picking up weigh? You may be looking at a few hundred pounds or few tons, depending on your project. Anticipate all the possible materials you could be lifting with your chain hoist and once you’ve got a number, round it to the nearest ¼, ½, or full ton. Keep in mind that one ton is equivalent to 2,000 pounds.
  2. Speed – Choosing the right speed will help you keep your work controlled and safe. Traditional speeds can range from a couple (2-3) of feet per minute up to 32 feet per minute. The speed the hoist can lift the object will depend on a few things, including chain length. Need expert advice? Contact our knowledgeable customer service team and let us answer your questions.
  3. Type of Trolley – The trolley helps move the hoist along the beam to lift your object up evenly. There are three basic types of trolleys: plain, geared, and motorized. With a motorized trolley, the user can simply press a button and control the direction the chain travels instead of having to exert human power to start and stop the movement of the load. In this way, motorized trolleys are ideal for frequent, heavy loads.

Maintaining your New Electric Chain Hoist

Choosing the best chain hoist means little if you don’t properly take care of the unit. Regular inspections will keep your hoist running smoothly and efficiently, so make sure you examine your hoist before use, after storage, and after transportation. You’ll want to check for external damage which could be anything from loose parts, worn chains, stretched hooks, or lack of lubrication. In addition to checking for lubrication, make sure you follow manufacturer guidelines such as the kind and amount of lubrication to reduce wear from friction and prevent parts from rusting. Understanding when certain parts need to be replaced will also extend the life of your hoist, so read through the manufacturer’s booklet for specific instructions regarding appropriate maintenance of your hoist. Keeping your hoist well-maintained is worthwhile, so protect your investment by creating an inspection routine.

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