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About Chain Hoist Parts

Save on the best chain hoist parts at PlumbersStock and get your favorite power tool working like new. Repairing a chain hoist is much less expensive than buying a new one, so if you have the ability and the know-how, we highly recommend fixing it.

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What Is a Chain Hoist?

A chain hoist, by definition, is a device used to lift or lower a large and heavy load, usually by means of a lift-wheel or drum around which chains wrap. For the most part, they are electrically driven (sometimes pneumatically) and are incredibly useful in car garages, construction zones, and other locales in which heavy objects need to be lifted.

When to Repair a Chain Hoist?

For the most part, unless you are handy with machinery, people love simply throwing out heavy pieces of machinery like this and buying a new one, even though the fix might not be that difficult. Unfortunately, this can cost the small business a large sum of money—sometimes thousands, depending on how big the chain hoist is—making this option extremely irresponsible. This is where repairing your chain hoist comes into play. You see, though you are dealing with heavy machinery, chain hoist parts are in many cases, easily replaced.

Replacement Chain Hoist Parts

Here are a couple of the products we provide so you can determine precisely what you will need to fix your chain hoist:

  • Disc Brakes: Used to stop your chain from unraveling quickly (or to stop it from pulling) disc brakes are extremely important in the overall usage of your chain hoist. And, like car brakes, they can go out after some time. Fortunately, disc brakes are not exceedingly expensive (compared to the hoist itself) and can be repaired by an amateur. However, if your disc brakes go bad, we would suggest taking it to a repair shop to get them replaced if you don’t have the technical acumen to do so yourself.
  • Chains: Chains, obviously, are the primary component of a chain hoist and must be replaced (or repaired) if broken. Do not operate a chain hoist without a perfectly intact chain, or you may be injured.

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