Duct Reduction Tutorial (Video)

As Phil demonstrates in the video, the process of HVAC duct reduction is not complicated. By following his instructions, you are sure to have a secure installation that goes off without a hitch. No matter what kind of ducting or dampers you may need, we have it here at PlumbersStock at affordable prices, particularly rare and hard-to-find parts.

How to Reduce Ductwork (Video)

When you reduce your duct with an HVAC taper, it allows you to conserve energy and avoid waste as your system delivers the needed amount of cooling and heating to registers. As air escapes through a register, the static pressure in your line diminishes, creating the need for duct reduction. Efficient systems are the future as we become more and more energy and cost-conscious as a society.

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Getting Started

The crimping tool makes for a much better fit with your connection. As Phil mentions, the Malco SC3 allows him to make the connecting pipe smaller for a snug attachment to your taper. More than 3 blades on your crimping tool would probably be overkill for this project. You can see how quickly and easily Phil can fit the duct for the bell reducer.

example of a duct reduction

The strap allows Phil to safely perform this task as a one-man job, despite the fact that he is hanging 6-foot long ducting with a diameter of 12-inches. Check out our selection of discount HVAC clamps and supports.

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