Furnace Blower Motor Cost

If you are dealing with a broken furnace and the culprit is a blower that is overheating, you are probably wondering how much is a furnace blower motor? Chances are you’ve been smelling a burning odor, and your furnace has been shutting itself off as a safety measure to counter overheating. You’re possibly resetting the blower to get it to work, but how much longer can you go on like this? It’s time to get this HVAC issue taken care of and get on with your life.

Average Cost of a Furnace Blower Motor Replacement

The cost ranges widely, anywhere from $250 on the low side to $2,000 on the high side, but it’s not likely you will have to spend anywhere near that much. That extremely high cost is reserved for homeowners with high-end units that are inconvenient to access. You’re probably looking at $800 on the high end. If you have an active warranty, then great. You may still be looking at around $150 for the labor.

Did you know that the blower motor works for both the furnace and the AC? When you replace the blower motor, you’re setting yourself up for smoother operation with both.

Should I Replace the Blower Motor or Buy a New Furnace?

It depends on the cost of each, the age of your furnace, and how long you expect to be in your home. A furnace can last you anywhere from 15 to 30 years. If it’s an older unit, it may be wise to scrap the whole thing. Check out this article about how much it costs to replace a furnace.

Average Life of a Furnace Blower Motor

You should expect your blower motor to last about 12 to 15 years as long as you are good about changing out your air filter as needed. They can go bad if you allow dirt and debris to collect on them. Also, you may be at risk for water damage if you live in a really humid climate, but there isn’t any sort of maintenance you can do to prevent that. Just cross your fingers.

Consult a Professional for a Quote

getting a quote on furnace blower motor cost

We can only give you ballpark figures. If you want an accurate estimate, we recommend that you consult an HVAC tech in your area.

Furnace Blower Motors at PlumbersStock

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