Single Stage vs. Two Stage Furnace | What Is a Two Stage Furnace?

Single Stage vs. Two Stage Furnace

If you are in the market for a new furnace, one of the many questions you should ask yourself is about the advantages of single-stage vs. two-stage furnaces. This large investment will last your home for many years, so getting the right choice with all the best features and options for your needs is essential. Fortunately for you, the HVAC experts here at PlumbersStock can help you with that decision-making process. Before we make a comparison, let’s answer a basic question.

What Is a Single Stage Furnace?

Simply put, a single-stage unit only has one mode: on.

What Is a Two-Stage Furnace?

A 2-stage furnace provides a home with 2-stage heating or two different levels of heat output. What this means in practice is that your furnace can run high on bitterly cold days and run low on more mild winter days. Easy enough, right?

One Stage vs. Two Stage

single stage vs. two stage furnace comparison

There are many advantages to a two-stage furnace.

  • When a two-stage furnace operates at a low capacity, it is relatively quiet and doesn’t make as loud of a sound when it kicks on.
  • On low, a furnace is better at filtering out contaminants.
  • Have you ever noticed homes where they are too hot when the furnace runs and cold when it’s not running? A two-stage furnace helps to eliminate this problem because it provides a more consistent distribution of warm air.
  • The first stage requires less energy to run, and therefore is more efficient and will save you on your utility bill.

So, it sounds like two-stage units are superior. Why would anyone buy a single-stage furnace? The answer is simple, they aren’t as expensive. If you have a smaller home, a two-stage furnace might be overkill and not worth the extra money that it costs.

If you have a large home or a multi-story home, then we recommend a two-stage furnace.

Save on Replacement Furnace Parts

No matter if you have a two-stage furnace or a single-stage, we have the parts that will get it back in working order if you have component failure. You can save on all kinds of HVAC parts like furnace ignitors, HVAC blowers, blower wheels, and more. Did you know that you can find member pricing here on certain items (typically name brand, MAP priced items) if you log in? For industry professionals buying in bulk, please consider contacting us directly for extra special pricing and extra savings.

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