Upflow vs. Downflow Furnace | What Is a Downflow Furnace?

Upflow vs. Downflow Furnace

When you are building a new home or cabin, the furnace type is an important consideration. Fuel type, output, brand, etc., are all important things to ponder. One thing you need to think about is the difference between an upflow vs. downflow furnace. This helpful guide will answer your questions so that you can plan your heating solution.

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What Is a Downflow Furnace?

This term is used to describe furnaces installed in attics or the highest level of the home. It refers to the idea that the heated air flows down from the furnace and into the duct and vent system. Because heat rises, this is an inefficient way to heat your home. If you live in a warm climate, this configuration makes sense because cool air settles down to the bottom as heat rises. If you live in the sunbelt or coastal California, you’re probably more worried about warm weather than cold weather.

What Is an Upflow Furnace?

If you have a basement or live in a cold climate, you will definitely want to strongly consider an upflow system. As you can imagine, these furnaces operate in an opposing fashion to downflow systems. Upflow furnaces are more efficient for heating homes because of the simple fact that hot air rises. Installing the upflow furnace in the basement is the best configuration for operational efficiency.

Is There a Price Difference?

The quick answer is probably not. You may run into some unique installation constraints that make your particular project more expensive, but the pricing is generally very similar when you compare upflow vs. downflow furnaces.

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