Butterfly Valve vs. Ball Valve | Difference Between Butterfly Valve and Ball Valve

Butterfly Valve vs. Ball Valve

Your plumbing is only as good as its weakest point, which means you want every component to deliver integrity to the system. Valves are susceptible to damage and wear and tear, so you want to get the best valve for the job. There are instances where you will want a butterfly valve, and there are instances where you should prefer a simpler ball valve. Learn the consequences of choosing a butterfly valve vs. ball valve so you can make the right purchase. There are many similarities and some overlap between each valve, but there are key distinctions.

Difference Between Ball Valve and Butterfly Valve

  • Butterfly valves: this valve is designed to start, stop, and regulate the flow of water. It's named for the rotating disc that opens and closes the valve. Because you can partially open the valve, you can control the flow of water. One weakness is that it suffers from pressure drop.
  • Ball valves: this valve is designed to start and stop the flow of water. It is named for the ball that plugs up the pipeline. There is a hole in the ball, and with just a quarter-turn of the valve, it is opened. The design offers little resistance, and fluid flows unimpeded through the valve, which means it's good for high-pressure applications, like fire hoses.

Visual Difference: Butterfly vs. Ball Valve

butterfly valve vs ball valve diagram

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