What Is a Ball Valve? | Types of Ball Valves | How Does a Ball Valve Work?

What Is a Ball Valve?

To get the best plumbing set up in your home, you're going to want the best kind of valves for the job. Oftentimes, the perfect option is a ball valve. Whether you are experienced or new to plumbing, you've probably heard that term before, so what is a ball valve?

How Does a Ball Valve Work?

A ball valve is a type of shut-off valve that uses a rotating ball to close and open. They just need to rotate 90-degrees in order to perform their function. They are known for lasting years with a strong seal, which makes them one of the most popular valve choices. There are different types of ball valves to consider.

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Types of Ball Valves

  • Threaded: this is the standard. It consists of the housing, seat, ball, and manual lever. This type can anywhere from two to four ports.
  • Flanged: typified by the connection type and usually a full-bore configuration for high flow rate, the ports connect to your plumbing system with the use of flanges. They can have anywhere from two to four ports. 
  • Vent: this means that the outlet port vents through a tiny borehole when it's in a closed position. This function is useful in compressed air systems. They usually look a lot like threaded ball valves.
  • Hydraulic: made specifically for either heating or hydraulic systems, they operate at high pressure and are made of steel.

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