Globe Valve vs. Ball Valve | Difference Between Ball Valve and Globe Valve

Globe Valve vs. Ball Valve

In order to choose the best valve for your plumbing installation, you need to know what the pros and cons of each type are. Here, you can learn all about the advantages of choosing a globe valve vs. ball valve for your project. There is some overlap in what each valve offers, and so they are often compared against one another. Let's focus on what distinguishes them.

Difference Between Ball Valve and Globe Valve

  • Ball valves: this valve is designed to start and stop the flow of water. It is named for the ball that plugs up the pipeline. There is a hole in the ball, and with just a quarter-turn of the valve, it is opened. The design offers little resistance and fluid flows unimpeded through the valve which means it's good for high-pressure applications, like fire hoses.
  • Globe valves: this valve is designed to start, stop, and regulate the flow of water. It's named for the spherical valve body shape that forms around the plug/disc stopper. Globe valves are relatively resistant to leakage. One weakness is that it suffers from high pressure drop.

Visual Difference: Globe vs. Ball Valve

difference between ball valve and globe valve

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