What Is a Globe Valve? | Globe Valve Diagram

What Is a Globe Valve?

When working with a plumbing configuration, it's important to have all the best components for the job. The best valves for the situation will make a huge difference in the end. In many cases, the ideal part for regulating flow is a globe valve. You've likely heard of this type, but do you actually know what is a globe valve?

How Do Globe Valves Work?

Globe valves are a type of stop valve and are commonly confused with ball valves, but they are different. A globe valve manages water flow in a pipeline. It consists of a movable plug/disc-type element and a stationary ring seat, and this is typically in a spherical body, hence globe. The plug is connected to a stem that operates through a screw action. Automatic globe valves use smooth stems, not threaded, with an actuator assembly.

Globe Valve Diagram

Here is a quick-reference globe valve diagram for easy understanding:

globe valve diagram

Types of Globe Valves

Primarily, when people talk about the type of globe valve, they mean the body style.

  • Tee: also referred to as split body, fluid passes through this type of valve 180-degrees (in other words, the direction is unchanging).
  • Wye: this type of globe valve offers the least flow resistance and changes the direction of fluid by 45 or 90 degrees.
  • Angle: operates with a direction change of 90 degrees, and it's convenient because you don't need an elbow.

Body type isn't the only consideration. There are needle globe valves, outside screw stems, inside screw stems, plug discs (AKA plunger globe valves), and even the bellow variety.

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