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Funny Pipe

About Funny Pipe

With all the many different types of sprinkler piping available, it is hard to know what to use for which application. One of the most flexible as well as durable options to consider is funny pipe. This pipe is a type of rubber used mostly in sprinklers and outdoor applications. Its flexibility and durability make it ideal to install outside as it can withstand all elements without deteriorating.

Not only is sprinkler funny pipe a good option for your irrigation needs, but it is a relatively inexpensive pipe, which makes it an even better solution for you to choose. Also known as flexible tubing, you can find it wholesale at PlumbersStock, as well as a number of other quality lawn/garden supplies.


If you are installing a sprinkler system for the very first time you may not know what pipe options are available. The most commonly used pipe is PVC pipe. PVC is commonly used as it is durable to pressure and can offer a certain level of durability to temperatures both cold and hot. PVC is not always your best option for your entire configuration. Sometimes flexible plastic tubing offers superior functionality. The introduction of funny pipe into the irrigation industry has provided an excellent alternative. Check out our Orbit flexible tubing products.

How Does Irrigation Tubing Work?

More cost-effective than the alternative, funny pipe can be used to connect your sprinkler heads to the sprinkler lines with the use of barbed fittings. The fitting is connected into the PVC line with the barbed port branching off of it. The funny pipe is then connected to the barbed fitting and then to the sprinkler head. The biggest benefit of using flexible tubing to connect the sprinkler head is that it can be installed at any angle. When using sprinkler funny pipe you can make it as long or as short as needed and you don’t have to worry about making costly cuts as you would with PVC. Rain Bird flexible plastic tubing is a great way to make up for mistakes in spacing that may have occurred when designing your sprinkler configuration.

Another great benefit to funny pipe is that it is freeze-friendly. In the event that water gets caught and freezes within the funny pipe, the pipe will not burst. Its flexibility allows it to expand and contract without harm or damage as needed. Flexible tubing also has a high level of durability. It can sustain a large amount of weight without breaking or cracking. In some cases, you can even run over it with a car without damaging it.

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If you are looking for a more simplistic way to install your sprinkling system or even to replace a single sprinkler head be sure to consider funny pipe. This great option allows you the ability to replace a head without having to dig down to the water line to remove the head. It is efficient, cost-effective, and available at PlumbersStock for discount prices. If you have any questions about flexible plastic tubing, please contact our customer service team.

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