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The heart and soul of your sprinkler system is in the infrastructure. Quality sprinkler pipe will give you less headaches in the long run. PlumbersStock is committed to providing a great selection to fit your lawn's needs. Creating the right configuration within your sprinkler system will allow for optimal operation as well as maximized cost savings.

Use the best sprinkler pipe for the job to help avoid unnecessary repairs down the road. We carry a variety of discount sprinkler pipe and fitting options:

Types of Sprinkler Pipe

Here at PlumbersStock we have a variety of brand options in sprinkler system pipe. Rain Bird, Orbit, and Toro sprinkler pipe and fittings will last you for years.

PVC Pipe

Sprinkler systems largely rely on PVC piping. When measuring PVC pipe, there are two widely used terms for specifying the way the pipe should be cut. For example, if you were to ask for 3 feet of PVC pipe, you may ask for it to be cut either end to end or end to center. End to end means it would be measured from both ends of the pipe, with a total of 3 feet. End to center however is a measurement used to describe a PVC pipe with a joint connected. Starting from one end of the pipe you measure to the middle of the joint.

There are a few different methods for cutting PVC pipe. Sprinkler piping is often cut with hack saw, but if you are no™t careful you will end up with uneven cuts. It is better to use a PVC saw which has a more rigid blade and allows for a straighter cut. You want to make sure you are square with the pipe whenever you cut. You can also invest in a pair of ratcheting PVC cutters if you will be cutting PVC often. The little shavings that are left over after using a saw are called burs and should be removed before using the pipe in any type of construction.

Funny Pipe

Funny pipe is one of the most useful tools when installing, fixing, or replacing your sprinkling system. They make the work very convenient because of the pliable nature of the material. This makes is easy to maneuver around obstacles found in the yard. They are able to curve to corners, bend around rocks, stumps, roots, rocks, or anything else that may be in the way. Without funny sprinkler piping you would have to put a lot more planning and work into your project.

Funny pipe connects to PVC by way of special coupling adapters that allow for a tight and secure seal. These adapters should be connected to the pipe with epoxy, following the instructions on the label of the epoxy. The funny pipe can then be twisted on to the nipple end of the coupling adapter. This type of sprinkler pipe should not be used for the entirety of your sprinkling system. It is advised to not install funny pipe in lengths any longer than 4 feet.

Drip Hose

Another flexible variety of sprinkler pipe, these hoses are used primarily in flower beds or in gardens. They are very useful because they are able to deliver the water straight to the plants and soil, cutting down on any evaporation or water blown away by the wind. They come with either a row of pre-drilled holes where the water will release or as a solid hose to allow you to place the holes where you need. These are a great route to go if you want to water a water bed or irrigate a garden with very inexpensive sprinkler piping.

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