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About Sprinkler Bonding Agents

We offer sprinkler glue, tape, and primer which is intended for use specifically with the components of your sprinkling system. Using the correct glues, no matter the application, can make all the difference.

Here you will find:

Types of Sprinkler Glue

Various bonding agents can be applied with sprinkler pipe (specifically PVC pipe). Learn all about them right here:

PVC Pipe Glue

When applying PVC glue, also known as PVC cement, be sure and take proper care to avoid spilling. Both primers and PVC glues come with an applicator, called a dauber. Known for its distinctive round and fluffy end, it helps to easily apply the primer or adhesive. It is recommended to apply the PVC glue about an inch into the pipe, as this will be the approximate length that the two ends will overlap. Apply the adhesive on the outside of the pipe that will be on the inside of the corresponding fitting. Insert the pipe, turning it with about a 1/3 turn, and then hold for about 10 seconds to ensure the bond is set.

Be advised, both primer and PVC glue set fairly quickly. For this reason, you should have all pipes and parts easily accessible as you will have to work fairly swiftly to complete the task. The glue should be allowed to dry for at least 5 minutes before turning the water supply back on. Also, be very careful to not use too much. An excess amount of PVC cement can lead to overheating of the pipe. This can cause cracking or separation of the pipes and/or parts. Dab off any excess adhesive on the outer rim of the can to ensure you have the right amount of glue for schedule 40 PVC fittings.


Pipe primers are a very important step in the installation process of your sprinkling system. Many users are under the false impression that when using certain adhesives, especially the solvent cement, that the use of primer is not necessary. This is not the case and primers should be used before applying any PVC cement. The job of the primer is to prepare the pipe for the application of the glue. It helps to soften the pipe slightly and cleans off the sheen and any excess debris from the pipe so there will not be anything obstructing the PVC adhesives. Primers come in colored, usually purple, and clear varieties. Some prefer the purple primer, as it helps them to remember whether or not they have already applied the primer.

Oatey PVC glue and primer is a trusted name. We also offer Hercules cement and EasyHeat.

Tips for Working with PVC Pipe

Always wear gloves when working with any primers or PVC pipe glues. Make sure the pipes are clean as possible, especially around the edges where the primer and glue will be applied. Never store PVC in the sun as it weakens the pipe and will cause future damage to your sprinkler system.

Buy Sprinkler Glues, Primer, and More

As always, feel free to contact our professionals if you have any trouble finding the best PVC glue for your project. With a large inventory and great prices we are sure to have the primers, tape, and glue that you are looking for.

Be sure to take advantage of our professional, free sprinkler designs.

How to Connect PVC Pipe