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About Duct Tape

Do not let the name fool you, though duct tape has many uses, we do not recommend you use it on heating and cooling ducts. It will not create an energy-efficient seal. Check out our white duct tape option.

Duct tape is the glue that holds together our society. With limitless uses, low prices, and a structure that makes it the sturdiest of plumbing tapes around, it is one of the flexible products you will ever purchase. Obviously, all that needs to be said about wholesale duct tape probably has been said—it is pretty common, after all—but, if you are looking for quality duct tape online at relatively inexpensive prices, then you are certainly in the right place. PlumbersStock offers the most competitive prices anywhere on a variety of wholesale duct tape products, as well as the best plumbing products and brands online. Read on so that you have all the info you need before you buy duct tape products!

Uses for Duct Tape

As we already mentioned, wholesale duct tape has a variety of uses—from general repair to random things like glass shattering and wart removal. But, above all else, duct tape is a professional product that is an integral part of ductwork. Duct tape can actually be used for sealing up heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts (if you purchase the specialized version of duct tapes). But, if you’d rather keep to the cheaper versions, there are still a variety of uses. These include:

  • General repair: Duct tape is known for its durability and its high powered stickiness. As such, general repair work—on things you don’t expect to undergo a lot of stress—can easily be undergone with wholesale duct tape.
  • Temporary Windshield Repair: If you smashed your windshield and don’t want things flying at you on the way to the body shop, you can use duct tape to create a temporary seal.
  • Plumbing Quick Fix: If you aren’t in the plumbing industry and need something to quickly stop a leak, our wholesale duct tape can help. Just remember; this is NOT a permanent fix. You cannot connect pipes or fix leaks with duct tape; you can only plug the hole. Call your plumbing technician as soon as possible if you have major plumbing issues that you cannot fix yourself.

There are so many uses, it's kind of to the point of ridiculous. MacGyver-types could probably build a house with duct tape.

Quick Word of Warning

Though what we commonly know as duct tape a derivative of its originator, most common cheap duct tape is NOT suitable for use on ducts. There are specialized, heavy-duty brands that are meant for this type of job; however, for the most part, common duct tape will not work. If you are looking for a product that works on ducts, aluminized tape works well, as do certain brands of heavy duty tape. Make sure to check the descriptions or call a sales representative before you buy, if you are not sure.

Buy Duct Tape in Bulk for Cheap Online

Regardless of the type you are looking for, whether it be white duct tape or the standard silver—whether it’s professional grade aluminized tape or run of the mill, cheap duct tape—PlumbersStock is the perfect place for you. We offer up to 50% off most products’ retail prices, as well as the best brands around; call today if you have any more questions!

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