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About Municipal Plumbing Supply

A term usually used in municipal applications, waterworks refers to the civic plumbing and irrigation applications. When it comes to public waterworks systems, PlumbersStock offers discount prices on:

PlumbersStock has the name brands you trust for municipal plumbing products: Star Pipe, JCM Industries, AY McDonald, American AVK, Seal Fast, and more.

Tracer Wire

Tracer wire was designed to aid in finding the pipe. This wire is generally laid within the plumbing system while the pipe is being laid. It can be laid right next to the pipe or within the pipe itself. It allows the wire to be found from above ground with the use of a special machine, outlining the plumbing system below the ground. This is helpful in that it allows the pipes to be found without having to dig into the ground wasting time and money to do so. Tracer wire also has a color-coding system, which consists of 5 different colors. The colors are red, yellow, orange, blue, and green. Red indicates electrical use; yellow indicates gas; orange is for communication, blue indicates potable water and green is used in association with sewage systems.

Water Meters

Water meters are used to measure the amount of water that is used by a single residential unit or an entire commercial building. When it comes to water meters; Displacement Meters, Velocity Meters, and Water Meter Registers are most commonly used. Each of these meters uses a different method to measure the amount of water moving through them. Each meter has a face that looks much like a clock, called Registers. Water meter registers are the face of the meter that often displays the information that it is gathering during water usage. The information that is gathered by the water meter register is often read manually to determine the amount of water used. These registers can also be transmitted digitally.

Fire Hydrants

Within public waterworks systems, there are always fire hydrants installed on every city block to maintain the safety of the area and provide access for the local fire department to use. Fire hydrants are designed to disperse a large amount of water in the event of an emergency. PlumbersStock offers fire hydrants at reasonable prices. Most hydrants come with a one-year warranty.

Fittings and Tools for Waterworks Projects

Here at PlumbersStock we also carry fittings for different waterworks applications along with a variety of tools to complete different jobs. These tools include Wrenches and Pipe Saws, which can help you in completing your next project.

Get the Job Done!

Within the waterworks system, there are also specific tools and piping that are needed. So whether you are looking for a water meter, tracer wire or a fire hydrant, rest assured that when you shop with PlumbersStock, you are shopping with people that can supply you with all your waterworks needs. Our wholesale prices cannot be beaten anywhere on the web.

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