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PlumbersStock offers a wide variety of control panels and sprinklers for field irrigation. With discount products from trusted sprinkler manufacturers like Rain Bird, Toro, K-Rain, and Irritrol, our service is hard to beat. Below we offer tips for managing your municipal field irrigation. These principles generally apply whether you are maintaining a football field, baseball, soccer, etc.

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Applications for Municipal Sprinklers

When considering which type of sprinkling head and sprinkling system to purchase, it is very important to know the conditions and requirements of the site that you will be irrigating. There are a few key factors to consider, among these being soil type, water pressure, weather conditions, and water source. There have been many innovations made in recent years that help to combat weather conditions and compensate for water pressure. For any municipality or field sprinkling system, you will have to ensure that there is adequate water pressure as the spray will have to cover a very large distance. There are a few different options when it comes to municipality and field sprinklers. The following will detail a bit more about these high powered sprinkling heads and where to find them.

Residential vs Municipality Sprinklers?

Municipality and Field sprinklers are much bigger, stronger and sturdier versions of your typical residential sprinkler. When you attend a sporting event and are impressed by the pristine looking grass or turf, you can thank the municipality and field sprinklers for making such a spectacle possible. Turf and grass fields can often get very dirty between the mud, sweat and even blood that are often associated with sports. The field sprinklers are used not only to keep the grass growing well, but also to clean it. When dealing with artificial turf, the primary use for the Toro TG101 "Gun" Style sprinklers is to clean off any dirt or debris. With a flow rate anywhere from 137-250 GPM the volume and force of these sprinklers could virtually destroy an organic field.

Large sprinkling systems must be separated into different zones. Segmenting the area allows you to strategize for the best coverage. Certain areas require different watering patterns due to factors like when the sun hits, whether or not it’s a slope, etc.. Residential sprinkler systems typically have the capability to operate 2-12 zones, where municipality and sports field sprinkler timers often require up to 200 zones. These zones are run by very sophisticated sprinkler timing systems that are typically run on a computer. The convenient thing about these computers is that they can be run from any location.

Reclaimed or Non-Potable Sprinklers

If you are a golfer you may have seen the signs warning that the water on the course is not acceptable to drink. You may have also been told been told not to put Tees in your mouth. The reason behind these two warnings is due to the use of reclaimed water. This is sometimes referred to as recycled water.

Often, a golf course, a National or State Park, or even a Zoo will use the water they have on site for irrigation. Because this water is unsuitable for human consumption written warnings are often used to warn of the danger of drinking the irrigation or pond water. Another way to warn people of reclaimed irrigation is through the use of purple or pink indicators on irrigation equipment that is using reclaimed water. There are purple (Pink) colored products for all irrigation applications including pop-up sprinklers and Rotors, drip pipe, sprinkler valves and even Valve cover lids.

Because Reclaimed water is typically dirtier than potable water, it is harder on the equipment it runs through. Manufacturers like Rainbird have compensated for this by using stronger, more durable components in their products for Reclaimed water. The PESB-R Series and the EFB-CP-R Series Sprinkler valves for example are built with a contamination proof, self-flushing designs that cleans themselves and resists build up and clogging better than the average sprinkler valves.

Municipal Sprinkler Heads and Accessories

These municipality and field sprinklers require an operating pressure of 50 to 100 psi. With this pressure, the sprinklers can cover up to a 100 ft radius. There is a varying range of GPM, or gallons per minute, but field sprinklers have the capabilities of up to 80 gallons per minute. There are four main varieties of municipality and field sprinkler heads. They are gear driven or “rotor”, sprinkling guns, traveling sprinklers, and impact sprinklers. About 40 years ago, many of the sprinklers were made of brass. A good portion of these sprinklers are still in use and functioning well, even after such a long time has passed. They are, however, much more expensive so most consumers choose to buy plastic sprinkling heads rather than the brass or bronze.

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