Benefits of a Bidet Toilet Seat

Though they are all the rage in Europe, electronic bidet seats are not yet very popular here in the United States. It turns out that a big reason for this is people are not very familiar with the benefits of a bidet toilet seat. The concept is so foreign to us, but most people who try this hygienic solution find that they prefer it to the use of toilet paper.

If you are looking for a good way to bring your bathroom into the 21st century, try a bidet seat with all the bells and whistles.

To understand the pros and cons of choosing an electronic bidet, you must first understand how they work.

How Does a Bidet Toilet Seat Work?

This illustration demonstrates the many features offered by bidet seats. This graphic in particular is about the TOTO Washlet, which offers a heated seat option. Not every seat is going to have all the same features, this just gives you an idea if you are wondering what do bidet seats do?

how does a bidet toilet seat work

Electronic bidets function with remote controls. The Washlet actually has a touch pad with enough memory for two different users. You can get heated seats, deoderizers, self-cleaning features, etc. For the most part, any electronic bidet seat is going to come with rear and feminine wash, as well as the hands-free dryer, and the other features may vary from machine to machine and brand to brand.

What Are the Benefits of a Bidet Toilet Seat?

bidet seats are eco friendly infographic

The following list of benefits is derived from documented facts, as well as customer reviews. In particular, most of these come from reviews received for the Brondell S300-RW Swash (White):

  • Easy to install - typically, less than 20 minutes.
  • Reduction of waste - no more toilet paper. The average American uses two dozen rolls of toilet paper per year. That means Americans use 7.4 billion rolls per year. It takes one tree to make 810 rolls of TP, so that means Americans wipe using 9.1 million trees per year. If bidet toilet seats become more popular, we can cut into that figure quite a bit.
  • Enhanced cleanliness - Zoeycoco raves that it helps to keep you fresh and clean all day and that even her teenage boys love it.
  • Enhanced comfort - especially with the heated seat feature.
  • Enhanced convenience - some bidet seats automatically sense a user is near and the lid opens on its own. This is great because you don't have to touch the seat or the lid with your fingers. In contrast to traditional bidets, you don't have to get up off the toilet to use the bidet wand, which is a huge bonus.
  • Self-cleaning - many models are self-cleaning units, which is an obvious, added convenience.
  • Cleans people that can't clean themselves - we have customers who have had devastating back surgeries who literally cannot self-clean and the bidet seat saves a loved one or hired nurse from having to do it for them.

And for the record, the cons include:

  • They aren't cheap
  • They may not be able to detect kids (because they don't weigh enough).

Great Products Can Change Lives

We have mentioned the point about users with bad backs benefiting from bidet toilet seats, but we haven't even considered people with digestive problems. For example, chemotherapy patients get sick to their stomach as a side effect from their treatments. Going that many times gets old fast, especially when you use toilet paper. Over-use is painful to the point of complete discomfort. The spray and dry technology that electronic bidet seats offer is life changing.

If you have any questions about bidet seats, please contact us. In addition to Brondell options, we have the TOTO G400 (Washlet only) or you can get the G400 with an integrated toilet. Or go with the TOTO A200 Washlet (Cotton White) that is compatible with a number of elongated toilets.

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