What Is ewater+? | Benefits of TOTO ewater+ | What Is Electrolyzed Water?

What Is ewater+?

We get the question all the time, what is ewater+? Developed by TOTO, the short answer is ewater+ that is an electrolyzed water that is a proven disinfectant. It is used for both food preparation and cleaning applications. For reasons that will become more clear as you read on, we highly recommend that you install a WASHLET with the TOTO ewater+ feature.

How Does ewater+ Work?

It's really simple; the bidet seat pre-mists the toilet bowl when it senses a user approaches. The pre-mist is a proprietary ewater+ electrolyzed water formula. Their process transforms common chemicals in tap water into NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite). After the user flushes and leaves, the bidet seat sprays mist again. If 8 hours of non-use pass, ewater+ is sprayed again. TOTO has a helpful infographic depicting the entire process:

infographic how does ewater+ work

What Are the Benefits of ewater+?

The primary benefit is that it's excellent for improving your bathroom hygiene. According to TOTO, this process cleans 80% better than a dry bowl. One additional bonus is that it reduces your need for harsh chemical cleanings. Not only should toxic chemicals be avoided whenever possible, but it's also nice to avoid that hard work in the first place.

Fun fact: electrolyzed water returns to its normal state after 2 hours.

Which WASHLETs Have TOTO ewater+?

Early generations of WASHLETs (A100, A200, C100, and C200) did not have ewater+ technology. It wasn't until the S300e and S350e that ewater+ came about (and it's easy to remember because that's what the "e" in the series name stands for. Those two have been replaced by the upgraded S500e and S550e (which come in both modern and classic styles). For the record, the new K300 does not have ewater+ (which is why there is no "e").

As far as integrated toilet/WASHLETs go, the G400 features ewater+ technology.

What Are Other WASHLET Features to Consider?

All WASHLETs that come with ewater+ have the following features:

  • Rear/front spray
  • Heated, SoftClose, slim seat design
  • Self-cleaning wand
  • Docking station
  • Hands-free dryer
  • Deodorizer
  • Instant water heating
  • Remote w/ 2-user settings

The only feature that needs explanation is the docking station, which makes cleaning your bowl very convenient. You can remove the seat and re-install it with ease. One thing to consider is that the S550e has a lid that automatically opens and closes, which is a lot more beneficial than it may seem on the surface. If you don't have to touch the toilet seat, you don't even need to wash your hands! Just kidding, please wash your hands. If you want to compare all WASHLETs, we've made this helpful table:

infographic washlet comparison

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