How to Install a P Trap (Video)

Watch this video to get professional tips on how to install a P trap. If you need to buy one before you install it, we have great prices on the drain pipe. The trap is essential in preventing a backflow effect with wastewater and sewage in plumbing applications and fixtures. Water is "trapped" in the pipe and is the agent that prevents the backflow. An additional convenience is that the P trap allows for the recovery of items unintentionally dropped down the drain (wedding rings, etc.).

P Trap Installation Under Sink

Here is an outline of the steps the video details, but the video will give you visuals and a more thorough explanation of what is going on:

  1. You may need a trap adapter. If so, install it before proceeding. The trap adapter will allow you to use the convenience of screw-on fittings in your setup.
  2. Attach the wall bend (long elbow joint) to your trap adapter.
  3. p trap installation
  4. Attach the J bend to the wall bend.
  5. Attach the tailpiece to the sink drain.
  6. Attach the adapter tee to the J bend.
  7. Connect the tailpiece and garbage disposal to the adapter tee.

For complicated projects, you may want to contact our customer service team.

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As mentioned, here at PlumbersStock we carry all kinds of drain assemblies, so if you need a P-trap, J-bend, S-trap, etc. we will have discount prices for you. We carry P traps in PVC, ABS, and chrome, so you will be sure to find the best option for your installation. No matter what kind of install you have, be it a dual mount, farmhouse, or drop-in kitchen sink, we have you covered.

Learn more about plumbing traps here or check out the rest of our how-to plumbing tutorials for other helpful resources.

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