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Grundfos SCALA1 vs. SCALA2

When choosing a pressure-boosting pump, going with Grundfos is a wise choice no matter what your needs are. They have a strong reputation for making all kinds of pumps. In particular, plumbing professionals choose Grundfos pressure boosters because this is an area where they especially shine. So now that you know you want a Grundfos pump, how do you choose between the SCALA1 vs. SCALA2?

What Is the Difference Between the SCALA1 and SCALA2 Pumps?

The names might confuse you. SCALA1 is the more recent release, and it has some bells and whistles that the SCALA2 does not include. However, this is subject to change as we might see Grundfos update the SCALA2 with at least some of these features.

scala1 vs. scala2 features comparison
  • The SCALA1 is Bluetooth-enabled and has side-by-side twin booster capability. It also has an external input, which the SCALA2 does not need because it operates with adjustable pressure.
  • The SCALA2 was a replacement for the classic MQ3 pump discontinued a few years back. It has an integrated frequency converter, adjustable constant pressure, and is a little quieter.

We don't have any inside information, but we do believe that it's likely Grundfos will update the SCALA2 with Bluetooth capability and quite possibly other features, so keep your eye out for that.

SCALA1 Models

SCALA2 Models

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