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About Sprinkler Fittings

Get all the best sprinkler fittings online at PlumbersStock. In order to connect your sprinkler pipe, you need the matching fittings. We have all kinds of, and that includes sprinkler fittings. The right irrigation components will make your lawn and garden beautiful.

We offer all the sprinkler fittings, parts, tools, and accessories you need to get your lawn in mint condition.

Types of Sprinkler Fittings

Each fitting has a specific role in helping you create the optimal network of pipes for your sprinkler system. The following is a list of some of the most commonly used sprinkler fittings in the business:

  • Tees – named for their shape, sprinkler tees connect three pipes together so that you can run a new line from the main pipeline. Barbed tees are connect kind of like a hook, whereas the Blu-Lock tees that we carry “lock” the pipe in, and are female parts (non-threaded).
  • Ells – commonly referred to as “elbows”, ells are the sprinkler fitting that allow you to change the direction of a pipeline. Many ells are threaded, but again the Blu-Lock type has its own unique functionality. Swing pipe elbows are more flexible than the standard variety, and of course, should be paired with swing pipe. There are also side outlet ells, which are not commonly used in commercial application, but are commonplace in residential. They offer a third outlet perpendicular to the other two.
  • Couplings – also commonly referred to as “adapters” or even “couplers”, this type of sprinkler pipe fitting allows you to connect two lines together, whether of the same size, or two different sized lines (“reducers”, or less commonly called “expanders”). There are male and female adapters, so be sure to get the kind suited to your needs.
  • Caps – literally allow you to “cap” the end of a line. A cap often implies that it is permanent, whereas “plugs” tend to be the term associated with a temporary solution to ending the line.
  • Cross – this fitting allows you to connect 4 lines, creating a “crossroad” in your piping system.


At PlumbersStock, one of the ways in which we have built our great reputation is by partnering with the most trusted manufacturers in the business. This is why we carry sprinkler fittings and parts from the likes of Rain Bird, Orbit, Toro Irrigation, Dawn. These companies have spent decades building their good names and we are proud to offer their products.

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