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About Towel Shelves

If you’re looking for towel storage for your bathroom, towel shelves are a great solution for a bathroom with many users. Shelves allow for more storage than the standard towel bar, but if you are looking for the ultimate in convenience, try a bar and shelf combo.

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Types of Towel Shelves

There are a few functional advantages for using bathroom towel shelves. For instance, shelves typically allow more space than normal, run of the mill towel bars. Because you can stack in a vertical direction, you have mores space; this is perfect for decorative pieces and those who might have large families.

On top of this, a bath towel shelf oftentimes come equipped with a smaller towel bar underneath, giving you a place to put towels that are currently in use, as well as ones that you will switch out in the future. Not only does this bathroom shelf with towel bar combo make it easy to manage your towels, it also helps make your bathroom just a bit more cleanly.

Installation Tips

But, with that said, there are certain moments when having a towel shelf might not be feasible. Here are just a few things to keep in mind before you buy, so you know you are making the right decision:

  • Space: Is your bathroom small? If so, you may want to avoid getting a towel shelf, or at least make sure you purchase a smaller one. Bathroom towel shelves are mainly good for master bathrooms, so keep that in mind before you purchase.
  • Wall Integrity: Because of their inherent size and the weight they will be bearing, shelves need strong wall anchors—and heavy studs—in order to be mounted. In other words, you can mount a bath towel shelf on pure plaster, or on a wall that can’t bear weight. Also make sure that you are allowed to drill into the wall (if you do not own your home), as having a towel shelf can cause significant damage once installed then removed.

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