Channellock tools are primarily known for having pioneered the tongue and groove plier. They are so well-known for this feat that their name "Channellock," has become synonymous with the tool. Find out for yourself why so many choose Channellock pliers from PlumbersStock.

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We offer an excellent selection of Channellock pliers, their most popular tools, so you only choose from the best. To help you choose from them, here are just a few of those products and why they are so special:

  • Quick Set Pliers: This type of Channellock plier, which measures 1.5 inches, is the perfect tool for an at-home or professional tradesman. It offers easy access to hard-to-reach areas and makes repetitive work a breeze, regardless of the job. Better yet, it is adjustable with one or two hands, making this one of the easier tools you will use. Add in the high-quality materials and superior engineering, and you get one of the jewels of the Channellock collection.
  • Tongue and Groove Pliers: Also known as water pumps and adjustable pliers, this beautiful tool adjusts to many different sizes, providing a level of flexibility you will not find in most tools. It is perfect for turning and holding nuts and bolts and even gripping irregularly shaped objects, so you do not have to use your bare hands; Channellock invented this type of plier, and the quality has not dipped since its inception. Find everything from small to large Channellock pliers for discounts here.

The Advantages of Channellock

Choosing Channellock tools has many advantages, from high-quality engineering to a long-standing tradition of impeccable tools and low costs. Still, what truly makes Channellock such a great brand is the history that comes with every tool. With over 100 years of quality and as the inventors of the tongue and groove pliers, Channellock is one of the most trustworthy brands in the entire industry. They have done nothing but prove how useful and productive they can be while at the same time giving back to our society and providing a brand of tools that has become synonymous with greatness. All in all, Channellock pliers and tools are one of the most incredible brands you can buy from, and their devices should be more than suitable for your purposes.

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Above all else, offers the best tools on the market, as well as the best prices, so you are in the right place. Call today for more information about Channellock pliers.

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