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PlumbersStock is proud to carry cooler parts and accessories produced by one of the most well-respected names in the industry, Dial Manufacturing. With hundreds of products to sift through, we recommend using the filters on the left or the categories above to refine the product results.

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Evaporative Cooler Parts

With so many products to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. For example, Dial has several different kinds of bearings and collars such as the Pillow Block Bearings of all sizes that come with or without a cushion. Also, there are Blower shafts, plugs, and keys.

  • Miscellaneous Parts -Clamps and drains from Dial Manufacturing include Hose Ring Clamps and Pump Hose Restrictor Clamps that control water flow from the main pump to conserve water. They offer different types of Cooler Drains and Overflow Pipes made of brass or nylon. Dial offers generic hex keys, as well. Fittings from Dial can be made of many materials such as brass or plastic. Choose from easy pipe adapters, hose adapters, coupling adapters that work with almost any system. Dial has many different kinds of tubing for many different purposes. For outdoor use only, there is Back Poly, Copper Poly, and Natural Poly Tubing. Dial also has Tube Cutters and Straps. Dial also has accessories for float valves like locknut replacements, mounting brackets, and brass caps for sealing the valve in the winter. Float valves from Dial include primarily Bronze Compression Float Valves in all different styles and sizes. Dial also offers Water Shut-Off Valves and Ball Valves.
  • Dial Pumps - Dial offers Concentric and Offset pumps that fit all coolers, have a grounded plug and have a corrosion-resistant shaft. Pump parts and installation kits include mounting brackets, extension kits, adapters, and micro filters. Dial has all types of cooler maintenance tools from cooler oil to protect pipes from rust and oxidation to cooler coater to protect the cooler bottom pans against rust and corrosion. Dial's Cooler Pads include Aspen Pads and Aspen Spin Rolls of all different sizes. Dial also has Dura-Cool pads that are non-allergenic, odorless, and won't shed fibers. Dial offers durable Rigid Media that is easy to install and will last a long time. Dial offers covers and accessories like Weatherguard Evaporative Cooler Covers that do not shrink, are water resistant, and breathable. Canvas Cooler Covers from Dial are also water repellant but also mildew resistant and the chords are sun-resistant.
  • Dial Motors - Dial has Copperline cooler motors, replacement motors, standard motor kits that are all heavy duty and have high temperature insulation system. Dial also offers accessories like tension adjusters, mounting rings, pulley adapters, and shaft keys. Dial offers Zinc or Cast Iron Variable Motor Pulleys, Zinc Fixed Motor Pulleys, or Zinc Blower Motor Pulleys. Dial also has Pulley Pullers. Dial's chords and wiring include the Speed Nema Motor Chord and the Speed Molded Motor Plug. Also offered at Dial are all different kinds of receptacles and twist connectors. Dial's V-Belts are high quality, come in ½" by 5/16" sizes, and meant for fractional horsepower motors.

More Dial Cooler Parts and Accessories

Dial Manufacturing's Grille Accessories include items like retaining wires, replacement grille louver, and Pillow Plugs that reduce heat through cooler duct. Dial offers Plastic or Metal Replacement Pad Latch and Replacement Corner Wires for pad frame latches.

Almost all Dial thermostats can automatically control the operation and motor speed of an evaporative cooler. The Ezi-Stat Controller and the Digital Low Volt Cooler Controller Kit both have an automatic start and stop for temperature comfort and a 2, 4, or 8 hour timer mode. Dial switches and knobs include Wall Switches, with replacement knob kits or single knobs, in English or Spanish. Dial has Long or Short Shaft Rotary Shaft Switches and Push Button Switch, as well.

Dial Manufacturing's vents and legs include Round Corner Cooler Leg Kit or Square Corner Cooler Leg Kit that can be long legged or regular. Dial also has a Cooler Installation Kit and Roof Jacks. Dial offers all kinds of Up-Dux® Attic Ventilation Ducts products such as the Extended Height Top-R or the Low Profile Height. Dial also has replacement Slide-In Thermal Panels and Ceiling Grilles.

Dial's Water Kits include Water Distributor Heads with 3, 4, 6, and 8 distributors. Also, there are Water Distributor Accessories like retainer kits, adapters, tube latches, distributor tubes, and drip tray. Water Distributor Kits can have 3, 4, 6, and 8 Way Side Drafts and Universal Distributor Heads.

Dial Cooler Parts Wholesale

If you have any trouble finding the cooler part that you need from Dial, please contact our staff or you can check out DialMfg.com for more information. Enjoy the best prices on the web!

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