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Just about everyone has some sort of heating and cooling system in their home. These systems often are comprised of a variety of different components to make them work. PlumbersStock offers a wide selection of DiversiTech products so that you can repair your system at a fraction of the cost.

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  • Thermostat Wire - Though this wire is sometimes overlooked, as it is usually hiding in a wall and unseen, it is very important. Thermosat wire works with the installed thermostat to communicate the temperature to the furnace or AC. When the thermostat has been set to the desired temperature, it sets signals to the furnace telling it is too cold or hot. Thus the thermostat is ran at the correct temperature for your home to enjoy the desired climate. DiversiTech thermostat wire is available in strands from 2 strand to 10 strand. The amount of strands that the wire has indicates how many connectors that wire has. The wire is made of copper and encased in a jacket that is usually brown or white in color.
  • DiversiTech Fans - Most commonly found in industrial buildings and settings, duct fans aid in the efficiency of the ductwork. These fans are placed in the end of the duct or even within the duct system to help the air move through it more effectively. IT makes the HVAC system to this by helping the air move into the designated area and reduces the amount of blowers needed for the building. Not only does it help more the air through a venting system better, it also can ad in the ventilation of a building.
  • DiversiTech Coil Cleaner and More - We also offer a variety of product to keep your HVAC system running as efficient as possible. Maintenance products such as DiversiTech coil cleaner are available to keep your system clean and working to its maximum ability. Cork tape is also a good idea if you are needed to add some extra insulation to a door or window and will help keep the cold or heat out. Foil Kraft tape allows you to tape the joints within your ductwork to protect them against any leaks that may occur. By using this tape you are ensuring the most energy efficient way to heat or cool your home. A duct sealant also provides you with a great way to make your ductwork or venting system functioning very well.

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We offer these amazing products from DiversiTech for you to complete your HVAC system. For more information on DiversiTech coil cleaners and other products contact the professionals at Plumbersstock.com or you can read more at DiversiTech.com.

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