When it comes to installing your gas line, there is no better product to use then WARDFLEX fittings. With flexible gas line pipes, couplings, and cutting tools, WARDFLEX products are easy to use and install. The flexible pipe provides a quick and easy way to install your gas line, all the while working through any obstacle that you may need to overcome. The couplings are designed to work with the WARDFLEX gas line to create the most compatible installation. They also offer cutting tools that make installation a breeze.

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WARDFLEX flexible gas line pipe is made of corrugated steel with a plastic coating on the outside. The outside coating offers an extra layer of protection on the pipe and will insulate it from being bumped or rubbed against, which may cause damage to the gas line. The corrugated steel offers a certain level of flexibility, allowing you to maneuver the Wardlfex gas pipe any way you need it to. The pipe flexibility also makes installation easier. WARDFLEX gas pipe is available in lengths from 50ft rolls up to 250ft rolls so you can purchase as much or as little as you need. It is also available in 5/8in or 1/2in, depending on the size of the gas line you are installing.


It is a well-known fact that couplings are used to connect two pieces of pipe or even to connect a piece of pipe to its final destination. WARDFLEX offers a variety of female and male couplings that are available in both the 1/2" as well as the 5/8". The couplings are easy to install on WARDFLEX pipe and can be done so with their adapters. An adapter ends the pipe in such a way that it does not close off the WARDFLEX gas pipe, but it has a small hole in it. When connected to a coupling and then to the gas source, your gas line is airtight and secure against any leaks.

Cutting Tools

Installing a new gas ling can be enough headache without having to worry about cutting the pipe and making sure that you have all the right equipment to install it correctly. WARDFLEX has designed a variety of tools that are available such as tubing cutters and line labelers. This allows you to connect your gas line with ease and will enable you to focus on doing the job right.

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Installing a gas line no longer has to be complicated. WARDFLEX has designed their great products to make the job easier. With their flexible gas line and they're easy to used adapters and couplings, all the parts work together, making an installation a breeze. Their products are very reliable and offer you the peace of mind that the line will work efficiently without leaks. Learn more at WARDFLEX.com.

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