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As a trusted manufacturer of tools and parts, Wheeler-Rex offers some of the best replacement parts for pipe-threading machines. We carry dies, cutting wheels, pins, and more so that your Ridgid pipe-threader runs like it's brand new at a price you can afford.

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Take advantage of our low prices on replacement parts for your tools so that you can get your plumbing applications in top form, in no time.

About Wheeler-Rex

Wheeler Manufacturing is one of those companies you know you can trust because they’ve been serving the American public since 1957. They started off as manufacturers of snap cutters for the cast iron and clay tile pipes, inventing the chain type snap cutter in the process which revolutionized the industry. As they continued onward, Wheeler became the icon for other industry firsts, including glass tube cutters, power bevels for PVC pipes, power torque wrenches for soil pipe couplings, and shut off tools for copper and poly pipes, to name a few.

In 1988, Wheeler merged with Rex Industries to become Wheeler-Rex, taking on the ongoing challenge to continue producing the highest quality pipe threading machines in the world, a legacy left behind by Rex Industries. Rex Industries has been an industry leader in pipe threading machines for over 75 years and have added great advancements to the field, including creating innovative features such as auto open die heads, and notch type quick adjustments.

Today, Wheeler-Rex continues to be one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing a large selection of tools for the piping professional. They are members of the American Supply Association, the American Hardware Association, the American and National Fire Sprinkler Association, and Specialty Tool and Fastener Distributors Association, among others.

Types of Wheeler-Rex Products

Wheeler-Rex offers one of the largest selections of tools for the piping professional, and here at PlumbersStock, we are proud to sell some of these tools to you. Among the tools of function, you’ll find here are dies, cutting wheels, wheel pins, adapters, shut off tools, and automatic pipe threaders. In regards to practical tools you’ll find in the industry, we offer collapsible carts, pulleys, wheel carriages, and folding tripods for pipe support.

Among their best-known tools, Wheeler-Rex is known for offering durable and reliable:

  • Pipe Cutters
  • Plastic Pipe Tools
  • Tube Tools
  • Threading Machines
  • Hydrostatic Test Pumps
  • Drilling and Tapping Tools

Buy Wheeler-Rex Pipe Tools Online

If you’re looking to add tools dealing specifically with pipes to your arsenal, trust the best to Wheeler-Rex. PlumbersStock offers many Wheeler Rex products for a fraction of market price, giving you the same great, high-quality tool you need for a price you can afford. You won’t find another Wheeler-Rex wholesaler with prices as low as ours anywhere else online.

If you have questions regarding the product or want to find a compatible part for your existing Wheeler-Rex tool, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team through email, chat, or phone and let us guide you in the right direction.

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