How to Install an InSinkErator (Video)

In this how-to tutorial video, it's your old friend West Harris, again. A garbage disposal is one of the most useful kitchen products ever invented, and no one does it better than InSinkErator. Watch as he demonstrates how to install an InSinkErator garbage disposal while offering his secret tricks of the trade for an installation that is built to last (like using plumber's putty, rather than the gasket that comes with the disposal).

Installing an InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

Here is a basic overview of all the steps that go into installing this InSinkErator Badger:

  1. If you want to make a seal with putty, remove the flanges and fasteners from the bottom of the disposal.
  2. Clean out the sink to prevent interference with the seal. In the video example, there is an undermount kitchen sink, but configuration probably doesn't matter much to disposal installation.
  3. Put putty around the drain.
  4. Attach the fastening system (much easier with two sets of hands).
  5. Remove excess putty from sink.
  6. Install the rubber gasket into the tailpipe of the garbage disposal.
  7. Put the flange on the discharge tube and attach it where the rubber gasket attached to the tailpipe.
  8. finished insinkerator installation
  9. Connect the dishwasher drain hose. If no dishwasher, leave the knockout plug in place.
  10. Your disposal should have a cord, but if not, you will have to attach one.
  11. Attach the disposal to the mounting ring underneath the sink drain.
  12. Attach the drain to your drain pipe.
  13. Check for leaks.
  14. Plug it in!

For a great deal on garbage disposals, try this Insinkerator Badger-5XP 3/4 HP. If anything in the video is unclear, please contact us. We are happy to hear from our readers and customers, and we want to help you get the job done right the first time.

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