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Water Heater Tutorials & FAQ's

Water Heater Resources

Here at PlumbersStock, you can buy water heaters, or if you're not in the market, you can learn all about them. We have lots of great how-to articles and answers to frequently asked questions, so be sure to read through our water heater resources before making a purchase or tackling a project.

If you are looking for tankless tutorials and FAQ's, you're in the wrong place.

Water Heaters 101

  • Water Heater Buyer's Guide - learn all the primary considerations that go into choosing a water heater.
  • What Is a Water Heater? - get a good grasp of the basics, like how they work.
  • Tankless vs. Tank - every homeowner faced with replacing their water heater should be considering a tankless installation. Compare the pros and cons of each, and make the best investment for your home.
  • How to Light a Water Heater Pilot Light - it's normal for a pilot light to go out, and it's not very difficult to re-light. Learn how to right here.
  • Turn on Gas/Electric Water Heaters - learn the process for both kinds of fuel types. Safety first, read up a little bit before tackling any task where gas or electricity is involved.
  • Change Water Heater Temperature - adjusting the temperature is not always as easy as turning a dial, depending on the installation. You might have to remove a panel or two.
  • What Temperature Should a Water Heater Be? - this is an important question because you'd be surprised about how quickly skin can burn at temperatures just slightly higher than the recommended maximum.
  • Why Does the T&P Valve Keep Opening? - your water heater may be trying to tell you something if the pop-off valve keeps opening. Diagnose potential issues with knowledge gained from this post.



  • How to Flush a Water Heater - to clean sediment, minerals, and other solids out of the water heater, you need to drain the system properly.
  • How to Turn Off a Water Heater - there is a proper way to shut down your water heater when you leave town for an extended time frame. Learn more here.
  • Testing a Water Heater Element - a bad element can lead to cold water. Test to make sure it's still working following these easy steps.
  • How to Reset a Water Heater - resetting the water heater is usually as easy as pressing a button, but learn more about it, so you have all your bases covered.
  • How to Reset an Electric Water Heater - if you're taking cold showers and don't know what went wrong, there may be an easy fix. Learn how to reset the unit, and what to do if the button doesn't click.


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