Gas Log Sets

About Gas Fireplace Logs

Take advantage of great prices on these gas log sets and update your Fireplace and hearth design with new logs. Make sure the gas logs are compatible with your system. Gas fireplace installations require artificial logs, so buy now.

At PlumbersStock, you can buy both liquid propane and natural gas fireplace log sets. To use these logs, it is required to have an existing wood-burning fireplace with a decent chimney system. Gas Logs are available in two basic types: Vented or Unvented (often referred to as “Vent Free” gas logs). Save on artificial gas log sets by Majestic.

Vented Gas Logs

These gas logs obviously must be vented when burned. Otherwise, you are exposing yourself to dangerous exhaust. Ideally, you will have a traditional chimney for venting out the smoke. The advantage to a vented gas log is that it puts off more yellow flame than the vent-free counterpart, which provides a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look to your fireplace. The major disadvantage is that a lot of the heat will escape out of the chimney. It is not the most efficient form of home heating. In summary:

  • More realistic flames (taller and better color)
  • No CO2 detector needed
  • Requires chimney or another form of venting

Vent-Free Gas Logs

The beauty of vent-free logs is that they can be placed anywhere in the home without much infrastructure or preparation. They burn about as clean as your gas stove-top in the kitchen. With concerns about carbon monoxide, you are probably wondering how this works. Because vent-free gas logs achieve almost complete combustion, the levels of CO emitted are mitigated to near zero. Most ventless natural gas log sets come with a sensor that measures oxygen depletion. It is designed to automatically shut off the gas when it determines that CO levels are beginning to reach threatening levels. In summary:

  • More convenient installation
  • More heat
  • Less fuel used

Refractory vs. Ceramic

As with any gas system, always refer to the installation manual and local building codes.

PlumbersStock offers natural gas log sets in a range of sizes to suit particular requirements. Gas logs come in two main varieties, which include ceramic and refractory. Both are compatible with the same burner applications and offer the same output.

  • Refractory gas logs are advantageous because they are an affordable option.
  • Ceramic gas logs are ideal for seeing the logs glow for a more realistic effect. Ceramic logs are also more efficient, so for many consumers, they are worth the extra money.

Shop Discount Gas Fireplace Log Sets Online

Refractory logs are the way to go if you are only looking for gas logs for the look and occasional use. Ceramics logs are your best choice if you want something more realistic that will be used more often. Different log stacks are also available on PlumbersStock, such as Massive Oak, Split Pine, Weathered Pine, and Split River Oak.

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