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About Sprinkler Timer Parts & Accessories

At PlumbersStock, we have a variety of sprinkler timers, as well as timer parts and accessories to choose from, so that your sprinkler system works as you intend it to. We have everything you need to help your sprinkling system perform at its very best.

As you scroll through our site, you will be sure to find Toro, K-Rain, Rainbird, Weathermatic, and Orbit timer parts, like plugs, expansion modules, etc. that you are looking for.

What Is a Sprinkler Timer?

A sprinkler timer is the brain of your sprinkler system. It tells your zones and valves what time they should turn on and how long they should run. Without a sprinkler timer attached to your system, you would have to manually turn on and off your sprinklers every time you wanted to run them. This would cause quite the headache if you were out of town or too busy to run them.

Since sprinkler timers were invented many years ago they have become increasingly popular and are now the norm. Now individuals can water their lawns on a regular basis without putting much thought into it at all. If they are out of town or too busy their lawn still gets watered and looks nice.

Sprinkler Timer Parts at PlumbersStock

Sprinkler timers are important to the operation of your system. The old fashioned way of using a mechanical controller to water your yard has now almost become obsolete. PlumbersStock keeps up with the latest and greatest trends to bring you the very best products on the market today. Here are just some of the great timer parts you will find here as you scroll through our site.

Cords, Plugs, and Transformers

A timer simply can't run without cords, plugs and transformers. All of our products are made with the finest materials and are built to last. You can trust that our cords and transformers won't fail you in a time of need.

Timer Box Covers

Having a cover for your timer is very important. Often sprinkler timers sit in the garage and are prone to getting dirty and dusty. A cover will protect your timer from getting worn from the elements surrounding it. PlumbersStock offers a large supply of timer box covers to choose from.

Expansion Modules

If you own a lot of land or need more zones added to your sprinklers, you can add an expansion module to get the job done. We have many expansion modules to choose from to make watering your large property much easier.

Buy Sprinkler Timer Parts Online

We know everything there is to know about irrigation systems. We have gone above and beyond to bring you some of the very best irrigation parts on the internet today. Whether you are looking to add more zones to your irrigation system or an automatic timer you will find everything you need right here. Save on all the best sprinkler system parts.

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