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About Faucet Gaskets and O-Rings

Note: Almost all of our gaskets and o-rings are for kitchen faucets and bathroom faucet applications, but we do offer gaskets and o-rings for toilet applications. Find out for yourself why this is the best place for replacement faucet parts.

When working with piping or machinery, there is one thing that you need to avoid above all else, and that is a leak. No matter what type of installation—whether it’s your sink, toilet, or whatever—having a leak is something that you cannot tolerate; fortunately, this is where faucet gaskets and O-rings come in. Providing a mechanical seal that fills the space between mating surfaces, gaskets and O-rings are the perfect products to ensure that even imperfect mating surfaces do not leak, which is precisely why we offer a wide variety.

At PlumbersStock, we offer the best in discount faucet gasket replacement parts, as well as faucet o-rings to aid in your plumbing endeavors so that you can avoid one of the major causes of inefficient piping and machinery. We carry gaskets and O-rings by Delta, Brizo, Moen, and many more reputable manufacturers.

How to Choose Your Faucet Gasket

Unless you are experienced or a professional, we strongly recommend contacting your local professional before choosing the product from our store; however, here are the basics to help you out if you will not be swayed. Keep these in mind when purchasing your gasket:

  1. Types of fluids: What fluid will your gasket be subject to during use? The answer oftentimes decides what type of gasket you will end up choosing. Determine this, then find the type of gasket that fits that media; but, don’t buy yet! This is only the beginning.
  2. Temperature Maximum: Once you determine what fluid the piping will be transporting, it’s important to understand that gaskets are graded by temperature as well. All of the gaskets here are for kitchen and bathroom applications, so water is the fluid and faucet gaskets need to be purchased with temperature in mind. So, determine the MAX temperature of the liquid the piping will be transporting, then narrow your selection of gaskets further based on that figure.
  3. Where it will be Used/Application: Determining how the gasket will be used, the type/size/number/grade of bolts used, as well as the type of flange is a very important part to consider when choosing your gasket. Unfortunately, for beginners, this may be the most difficult part of the process. Consult your local professional, or call if you have difficulty with this step.
  4. Pressure: Finally, you must know the pressure of the fluid that will be running through the gasket joint. Every style has a different pressure maximum, and if you do not get a gasket that is designed to withstand the pressure you will be using, you will run into problems.

Don’t forget; you cannot leave out any of these steps! Each and every one of them is important when choosing your gasket, so make your selection based on the sum of all these steps.

Information about Faucet O-Rings

O-rings kits are easier to install and slightly easier to choose, but still, require some thought when buying. So, keep these facets in mind when picking one:

  1. Size: How big is the application will you be using your O-ring on? Make sure that size and the O-ring size is compatible.
  2. Fluid Compatibility: O-rings are made out of different materials that are compatible with certain liquids. Make sure the O-ring you pick is compatible with the liquid running through your pipe.
  3. Durability: Do you have an application that will put significant stress—whether by heat, abrasion, etc.—on the O-ring itself? If so, make sure you pick a material that is durable enough to last as long as possible.

Remember that faucet O-rings are very similar to gaskets in usage and compatibility, so treat the selection of your O-ring with as much care as you do your gasket.

Buy Kitchen Faucet Gaskets and Faucet O-Rings

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