Shower Arms & Faucet Mounts

About Shower Arms, Wall mounts and Faucet mounts

If you are looking for high-quality replacement parts for your shower, like a shower arm extension, or a shower wall mount to hold your handheld shower, or even floor mounts for your bathtub faucet, PlumbersStock can help you out. Offering the best products from GROHE, Delta, Kohler, and more, our shower arm options are second to none.

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Do I Need a Shower Arm?

Unless you have a handheld showerhead, you need a shower arm extension. This part is what allows the water supply to reach the showerhead in a convenient position for users. It extends the line from the wall or the ceiling. Be sure that your arm is compatible with your showerhead. Otherwise, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise during installation. When making a purchase, consider the height of your installation. You will need to determine whether you want your shower arm to come straight down from the ceiling, to elbow downward from the wall, or bow up and down.

Showerhead Wall Mounts

If you do have a handheld, then you more than likely need a shower wall mount. This allows you to place the handheld (which runs off a flexible hose) in a stationary position. The handheld functionality offers dynamic convenience, especially when bathing children and pets.

Call us if you aren’t sure whether or not you need a shower arm or a wall mount/flexible hose configuration.

The Brand Difference

Shower pieces, unfortunately, are known for actually having a brand name difference. Though many brands are comparable, the truth is that the best and most expensive products look and work the best. Certain brands do not even work with other brand products, meaning if you have, say, a Moen brand faucet and a Symmons brand shower arm extension, they may not be compatible. Keep this in mind when purchasing, and know that brands like Moen, Pfister, and Symmons provide the highest quality shower arms available!

Buy Shower Arm Extensions Online

All that being said, PlumbersStock offers the highest quality brands around, so you know you are getting a product that works for you. From Symmons to Pfister, you’ll find only the best shower wall mount and arm extension brands here, as well as the most extensive variety of products anywhere online! And, if you are looking for other products—like showerheads, tubs, piping, and more—you are sure to find what you are looking for; without a doubt, we are the plumbing superstore.

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