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Faucet Temperature Indicators

About Faucet Temp Indicators

Whether you have a single-handle or two-handle faucet in your bathroom, you need faucet temperature indicators so that users know how to turn the lavatory faucet or showerhead to a comfortable temperature. Save on the best replacement indicators for all your favorite brands.

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What Are Temperature Indicators?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the faucet handles have the letters ‘H’ and ‘C’ engraved in elegant script on the handle buttons. Or, maybe you’ve seen the tell-tale signs of blue and red on either handle telling exactly which carried hot or cold water. That’s exactly what temperature indicators are.

Temperature indicators are seen on most faucets, whether they be residential or commercial. Unless the faucet doesn’t have a handle (automatic sensing faucets), you’ll get to control the temperature of the water and will most likely be able to tell which handle delivers hot or cold water. This gets a little tricky with one-handle faucets, but even those usually have a temperature indicator that becomes visible when you push on the handle.

Temperature indicators are important and tell others which handle delivers hot or cold water. Traditional temperature indicators are those that use red/blue stickers, rubber rings, or button caps to warn users with RED being hot water, BLUE being cold water. More modern temperature indicators are those that have engraved buttons with ‘H,’ ‘C,’ ‘HOT,’ or ‘COLD’ scripted on them.

While many people can cope just fine without temperature indicators, they are especially helpful for the elderly who may have restricted eyesight and for children who may not know what each letter means.

Choose Compatible Indicators

Finding the right temperature indicator is easy and oftentimes requires you to just know the make and model of your faucet. If you don’t know the model, sometimes you can get away with knowing the finish in addition to the manufacturer.

At PlumbersStock, we make it easy to find the perfect temperature indicator for your faucet. Our interactive filters allow you to narrow results by brand, finish (chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel, polished brass, or matte black), and even number of handles. In addition, we carry temperature indicators for tubs as well as sink faucets so you can mark the handles to make showering and bathing a more comfortable, controlled experience.

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