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When it comes to the unbearable summer heat you face, you need a home cooling solution. Many people opt for a swamp cooler because of cost advantages and it works with their home's layout. If your evaporative cooler distributor breaks, you will need to find a replacement swamp cooler part immediately. PlumbersStock carries the best prices on Dial cooler parts that you will find online.

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What Is an Evaporative Cooler Distributor?

During the hot, summer months, you’ll want a way to keep your home fresh and cool. For some people, the solution comes in the way of an AC system that’s integrated into your forced air unit. For others, a swamp cooler may be the more affordable and home layout-friendly choice. If you’re among those who choose a swamp cooler over an AC unit, you’re choosing evaporative cooling.

Generally speaking, an evaporative cooler is really just another way to say “swamp cooler.” Compared to a forced air AC system, evaporative cooling is a budget friendly, economical alternative for cooling down your home. An evaporative cooling system works by pumping water from the bottom tray of a swamp cooler up through distributor tubes. The water is then directed out to the sides of the cooler where it falls onto a cooling media. From here, a small horsepower motor spins a blower cage which pumps air through the cooling media. This results in the air being cooled down as it enters your home or building.

We offer you replacement parts for your evaporative cooler distributors. Since distributor tubes are an essential part to make sure your system is working correctly and efficiently, if one leak or breaks you could be hampering your system’s cooling potential while wasting money on cooling costs. Don’t let this happen to you—purchase the replacement evaporative cooler distributor part you need from us and save big when you do! You won’t find a better price for the high-quality products we offer anywhere else on the web.

Swamp Cooling vs. Air Conditioning: A Comparison

Evaporative cooling is a fantastic way to cool your home and is designed to cool large areas at once. When comparing the two, evaporative cooling seems the more energy efficient choice, especially when you consider it has the added ability to add humidity back into the air, an element which is often lost in regular AC systems. While this in itself may not seem important, many homes which use a standard AC system to cool their home are inadvertently sucking whatever little humidity that is in the air out, resulting in increased allergies, dry, itchy skin, and even a hampered immune response.

The benefits of using a swamp cooler as your preferred method of cooling vary from household to household and you must take in certain varying factors to determine if this method is best for your home. For instance, if you live in an environment that’s already too moist, an AC system is probably the better choice, whereas if you live in a dry, arid region such as Utah, Arizona, or Colorado, a swamp cooler is the more ideal alternative.

To help you determine which method is best for your home, here are some things to keep in mind as you compare the two cooling systems:

  • Swamp coolers are more economical to operate, more energy efficient, and are best used in hot, dry climates. Traditional AC systems are more costly to operate, have higher energy usage, and are best in humid environments.
  • Because swamp coolers rely on an “open” cooling system (that is, the air flows directly from the outside into the home as it passes through the cooling media instead of being re-circulated), the result is fresher, cleaner air.
  • Swamp coolers are inexpensive to install and require minimal maintenance. AC systems require regular cleaning and have a higher up-front installation cost.
  • Swamp coolers allow you to have open windows and doors, while AC cooling is wasted if not used in an enclosed space.
  • All swamp coolers have a relatively quiet operation, allowing for easier sleep come bedtime. On the other hand, some AC systems are quite noisy when running which can be a disaster for light sleepers.

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