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Band File Parts

About Band File Parts

The right band file parts will get your favorite power tool running like new, and we have them on sale right here at PlumbersStock. A band file is a type of power sander that can reach difficult areas. Why replace the whole machine when you can save on discount power tool parts.

What Is a Band file?

A band file is a type of belt sander that can be used to sand tiny hard to reach areas. It's usually very light in weight and is often used for grinding, de-burring, and burnishing places that are hard to get to. It's a very popular tool for individuals who work with wood, furniture and other various projects that require a lot of sanding.

How to Use a Band File

There are many great ways you can use a band file. You can use a band file to remove stock, strip paint, finish edges on scroll cuts, rounded cuts, and even tight areas. Band files usually come with mini belts which are removal and can be replaced as they wear out. If you have never used a band file before you will love how easy they are to manage and how much you can actually use them for with projects around the home and office.

Safety Tips

Like with any power tool out there, it's important to take the necessary measures to stay safe while using your band file. Never use a band file without the proper protective gear and products. Be sure to wear protective glasses, long sleeves and wear a protective mask to keep from inhaling harmful chemicals and dust while sanding. Always read your owner's manual and make sure you know what you are doing before you begin working with your machine. Be sure you update your band file parts when they become old, so that you avoid any potential accident with suspect components. Following these safety tips will keep you safe while you are undergoing any project with your band file power tool.

Band File Parts List

At PlumbersStock, we have a variety of band file parts to choose from. All of our parts are made with quality materials that will help your band file perform at it's very best. Here are just some of the parts you will find here on our site.

  • Dust Covers
  • Springs
  • Knobs
  • Gaskets
  • Belt Guards
  • Screws
  • Support Rods
  • Handles
  • Motor Housing
  • And more!

Buy Discount Band File Parts Online

At PlumbersStock, we make it our goal to provide our customers with the best supply of tools on the internet, and that includes wholesale band file parts from Milwaukee. Find out for yourself why this is the best place to shop replacement tool parts.

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