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About Circular Saw Parts

Take advantage of great low prices on replacement circular saw parts at PlumbersStock. Before you spend the money replacing your broken circular saw, you should look into fixing it first. Depending on the fix and accounting for time spent, there are big savings to be had. We have a huge selection of power tool parts, so shop around.

PlumbersStock offers a wide variety of quality replacement circular saw parts to ensure your power tool keeps on ticking. From fence kits to Quik-Lok Cords, to blades, flanges, gear cases and more, we can help you replace almost anything on that broken down piece of machinery, and in many cases, for half the price you’ll find elsewhere. Add in our incredible selection of brands like Milwaukee (among others) and it’s easy to see why we are the perfect place to go when replacing your circular saw parts. Read on for more information concerning this difficult but exciting prospect!

Replacing Parts vs Replacing Tool

For the most part, repairs are not that fun, specifically when you are fixing complicated and heavy machinery. You may be tempted to drop the extra cash and just get a brand new one; we understand that, and that’s a perfectly decent alternative. If you simply can’t afford a brand new circular saw, or if you think your machine should be salvaged with the right circular saw replacement parts, then you are in the right place.

Diagnosing Saw Part Issues

Besides your normal workman’s tools (screwdrivers, gloves, etc.) you also need to find out what needs replacing on your circular saw. Fortunately, it’s easier than it sounds. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to find out what circular saw parts need replacement:

  • Is the Breaker Blown? If this is the case, you may have a bad cord or motor. Replace the cord operating the saw, then check the bars at the end of your saw’s armature. If they aren’t evenly colored and spaced, then the armature may be bad. Replace this circular saw part as soon as possible.
  • Is the Motor Working? If the motor works but the blade simply won’t rotate/keeps stopping, check the blade and the gears. The gears may be broken (meaning replacement) or your saw may not be tight. Tighten the blade itself, then try again before buying replacement parts.
  • Is the Blade Spinning Fast Enough to Cut? If not, check the circular saw’s motor armature and brushes. They are probably bad and will need replacement.
  • Is Your Saw Overheating? If your saw is overheating (unnaturally so, with smoke, odor, etc.) it may be time to replace your saw completely. Make sure to use a heavy extension cord to your saw in the future to avoid problems like this.

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Call today if you have more questions about circular saw parts, and thank you for choosing PlumbersStock. When you see our prices, it's easy to understand why we are leaders in tools and tool parts supply.

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