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Save on hand and table router parts at PlumbersStock. Routers can be quite difficult to work with and in certain ways, more difficult to repair than many other power tools. Routers are used to create moldings, trims, and finishes on wood. Enjoy our huge selection of replacement power tool parts.

Diagnosing Router Tool Issues

The first thing you need to do in order to fix your router is to find out precisely what’s wrong. A router is almost never “completely broken”, and normally has some part malfunctioning. This leads to either complete failure or a loss of functionality. So, to figure out what is wrong, follow these instructions to diagnose your router’s problem:

  • Check the Switch: If your router isn’t turning on, the first thing you may want to do is check the rocker switch (the primary switch most routers use to turn on and off). Over time, these components can wear down and break, making it impossible for you to turn your tool on; fortunately, this is an easy fix that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
  • Is your Tool Cutting in and Out? If so, you may have a problem with the power cord itself. Inspect the exterior of the cord, looking for cuts or exposed wire. If there is obvious wear and tear on the wire, it’s important to repair said wire ASAP. Otherwise, try flexing the power cord near the casing and the plug of the cord. If the cutting in and out is more pronounced, that will let you know where the instability is and it will give you all the information you need to begin fixing your router.
  • Is your Router just Not Cutting? The biggest reason that routers stop working correctly is the drive belt within. If your tool is not cutting, this may be the reason. Simply take apart the casing of your tool and inspect the drive belt for stiffness and wear and tear. Replace if you find anything.

Repairing the Rocker Switch

Power cord and drive belt repair is pretty easy and self-explanatory, but switch repair is not necessarily so. Thus, we figured we’d give a small guide on how to replace this router part; read on for more information:

  1. Remove the Housing Surrounding the Switch: Use a screwdriver and make sure to hold onto the screws. Lift the top up and off.
  2. Trace the Switch wires: Follow the two switch wires from the switch to the end. Lift the spade connectors off of their connections, and push in the locks on each side of the switch. Remove the switch from its housing, while removing the two wires from any guide channels.
  3. Insert New Switch: Then, replace the old wiring with new wiring, making certain they followed the same path as before.
  4. Reconnect the Spade Connectors to the Spades: And put the wires back into their guide channels.
  5. Reattach all housing: Then try starting the power tool.

If this does not work, make sure to check all steps were done correctly, then test motor for possible malfunctions if power tool still does not turn on.

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