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About Drain Cleaning Supplies

We have a variety of drain cleaners at great low prices. No matter what kind of clog you have, we offer everything, ranging from liquid cleaners to tools. The type of clog will determine the best solution for you, so contact one of our professionals via the chat feature, and we can help you find the right plumbing solution for your budget and needs.

What are Drain Cleaners?

Drain cleaners are products used to prevent and/or fix clogged drains in a sink, tub, or shower. Drain cleaner can be dangerous if used improperly, so be very careful with how you store it if you have pets or children. This guide can help you choose the best solution for your drain.

Types of Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners can quickly soften and clear away a clog caused by the buildup of hair and more. But chemical cleaners can damage PVC as well as fixtures and are highly corrosive to organic materials and most metals. They can be hazardous to your health as it can harm your skin, eyes, and even clothes. Types of chemical drain cleaners include:

  • Caustic Drain Cleaner - this is a type of a chemical cleaner that breaks down clogs by producing heat that turns buildup into a soap-like substance that is quickly dissolved.
  • Oxidizing Drain Cleaner - this works similar to caustic, through a process of oxidization.
  • Acid Drain Cleaner - this is mostly sold to plumbers only and is not typically available in stores because it contains high concentrations. It clears out the clog by attracting electrons from the clog to melt clotted grease. This type of cleaner is very hazardous to eyes and flesh.

Enzymatic drain cleaners are more natural, as they use a natural enzyme mixture to create an enzyme colony, which will eat organic materials that caused the buildup. They may not work as quickly as the chemical cleaners, but they have a low environmental impact and are safe to use.

Types of drain cleaning tools include:

  • Plunger - also referred to as a plumber's friend, a plunger is helpful on clog in the trap area of the drain line.
  • Drain Snake - is a long flexible rod inserted into the drain. You can just push it into the pipe to break up the clog. It is narrowed to fit within your sink, tub, or toilet and works on P-traps.
  • Auger - another tool that is often paired with the drain snake. Featuring a hook and loop, it grabs and pulls out the source of the clog. You may even find it helpful in catching and removing small objects.
  • Drum Machine - is used to throw obstacles through the line with the use of cables and cutters (depending on the type of blockage). Ridgid is known to have these machines with high RPM using powerful induction motors that are ideal for clearing hard and soft blockages.
  • Water Jetter - is designed to push soft blockages such as dirt, grease, and soap with the help of highly pressurized water and can even restore full water flow when flushing the line.
  • Auto-Clean Sink Machine - a patented technology of Ridgid made to blast through obstructions in sinks, tubs, or shower drains. It consists of a single drain unblocker tool, a flexible hose, and a Maxcore cable.

Two major types of drain cleaning machines:

  • Continuous cable machine - is faster to use to get rid of anything that blocks the pipe as there's just one continuous cable piece. It can be heavy as it consists of a power auger unit, a drum, and a cable- all wrapped up in one unit. And the drum is fully enclosed, so it does not splatter.
  • Sectional cable machine - consists of a power auger and cables which are joined separately and is considered lighter in transit. With a sectional cable machine, it takes a longer time to clean the pipe since the cables are segmented and need to be coupled and uncoupled continually.

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