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Take advantage of discount check valves here at PlumbersStock. Also known as non-return valves, they are useful because they only allow fluid to flow through them in one direction. In other words, they prevent backflow. They are used in a variety of plumbing and irrigation applications.

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Features and Applications:

Non-return valves come in all shapes and sizes, but they are relatively small in most cases, and they usually function automatically. Rarely will you find one that is controlled by hand. This valve is handy in a considerable amount of applications. However, various types of check valves all share the same primary function: stopping the backflow of water. The double ball-check valve is a two-ball/seat combination linked together in the same body to ensure a leak-tight shutoff when blocking the reverse flow.

Check valves are typically used in certain types of pumps such as diaphragm or metering pumps; they are most commonly used on the pump's inlet and outlet lines. There are industrial check valves, such as those used in chemical and power plants. They are especially useful when there are several gases mixed into one gas line. To prevent the mixing of the gases, a non-return valve is installed in each of the individual gas streams.

Then there is the household or domestic appliance; some types of irrigation sprinklers and drip irrigation emitters have water check valves built to stop the lines from draining while the system is off. They can be used in heating systems, hydraulic jacks, and some dishwashers have them. They can also be used in rainwater harvesting systems, which pump rainwater into the main water supply.

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Though small, this type of valve has a key job to perform. Something as simple as keeping water and gas lines from crossing is invaluable. Make sure you are appropriately informed on your purchasing decision. If you have any trouble finding the right water check valve, please contact our team of knowledgeable professionals. They can help you answer all your questions. Do you need high-pressure or low-pressure check valves? Do you need more than one valve for your system? We can help you answer these questions and more.

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