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About Float & Needle Valves

Float and needle valves are essential parts of your swamp cooler and can also serve in plumbing and irrigation applications, as well. At PlumbersStock, we offer discount valves so that you can quickly and affordably get your swamp cooler running properly to avoid the brutal summer heat.

Save on discount valves at PlumbersStock, including float and needle valves by Clayton Mark and Watts. Before we can understand how the float valve and needle valve work, we should probably better understand swamp coolers:

What Is a Swamp Cooler?

Also known as evaporative coolers, they allow for climate control through a process of evaporation and fans. The temperature of regular dry air can be reduced through conversion of liquid water into water vapor. This process is commonly known as evaporation. This can cool the surrounding air at a much lower cost than typical air conditioning systems, which employ vapor-compression to function. Swamp coolers are most effective in areas that are not naturally humid.

Evaporative coolers run by two simple mechanisms, the water pump, and the fan motor. The water pump brings the water stored at the bottom of the unit to the top to be sprayed out and evaporated by the fan motor. This simple process is easy to maintain and significantly cuts cooling costs. It can also help to ventilate the surrounding air of the area where the swamp cooler is located.

What Is a Float Valve?

Also known as the balltap or ballcock, the water float valve is essential for proper swamp cooler usage. The cooler has a pan or basin at the bottom of the unit, which holds the water to be evaporated. The float valve is critical to the makeup of swamp coolers because it regulates the water level. It is important to keep the water at the correct level. If there is too much water, it will leak out through the hole that indicates the overflow line. This will lead to wasted water and wasted money out of your wallet. If the water is too low, it can cause the water pump to suck in the air, which quickly burns up the motor.

The float valve is connected to the basin of the swamp cooler by a housing nut on the outside of the cooler. You can set the ballcock to the correct water level, and it will regulate the amount of water in the basin. If the water is too high, it rises and shuts off the flow of water to the basin. When the water level becomes too low, the balltap is lowered, and the opening is clear to allow water to come in and fill the basin to the correct level.

Water float valves are inexpensive but may stand in need of replacement every couple of seasons. It is a simple task to replace this valve. It should be done regularly. You can tell if you need to replace the float valve if it continues to allow water inside the basin even after it has passed the correct fill line.

What Is a Needle Valve?

The needle valve is also a very important part of the swamp cooler construction. This regulates and ensures a constant flow of water to the ballcock. They have the ability to let in water slowly, quickly, or shut off the water supply completely. It is important that the needle valve is functioning properly. This allows the water to flow into the basin of the swamp cooler when the balltap opens. Without the needle valve, your swamp cooler motor or other crucial parts are susceptible to damage.

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