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Here at PlumbersStock we offer an assortment pool and spa filters that will keep your water clean at prices you can afford. We have a huge selection of all kinds of filters, and we have a solution that's perfect for your swimming pool or hot tub.

Filters work continuously to keep debris and sediment out of the water. The filter is necessary to maintain a clean pool or hot tub. Without them it is easy for bacteria to grow and for protozoan parasites to thrive. PlumbersStock carries a wide variety of discount Unicel pool filters to ensure we can meet your needs.

Types of Swimming Pool Filters

  • Cartridge Filters - this is the most common type of pool or spa filter and it’s all we currently carry here at PlumbersStock. This type is actually quite large. Because of the larger size of the cartridge filter they can operate for longer periods of time. This does a lot of similar things that the sand filter does. For instance it operates with a loading up system. The cartridge is usually made of polyester or other materials that can provide a very fine filtering surface. These filters are very attractive because they have easy maintenance but still get the job done. If you have a large pool you may want to daisy-chain multiple swimming pool filters together. One unit should be adequate no matter how big your hot tub is. Cartridges make for the most convenient spa filters.
  • Sand Filters - unfortunately we don’t carry this type, but we still would like to inform you about them so you can make the best purchasing decision. The primary filtering agent is sand, which is obviously how it got the name. The water runs through the top of the filter then continues to the sand bed, this is where the edges of the sand catch the debris and particles in the water. Eventually as the particulates accumulate it will act as an aid to the filter in trapping the smaller particles. This is known as loading up. This pool filter is very effective in catching almost all of the particles that could be found in your pool water.
  • Other Filter Types - the Diatomaceous earth is the most efficient available; it is very similar to the cartridge filter in looks but is inconvenient because it requires a lot more maintenance. It’s also illegal in some states because it’s been known to cause damage to certain sewage systems. Ceramic filtration is next in line; this flowerpot shaped filter has tiny silver particles inside that work as a disinfectant that prevents bacterial growth within the filter. If this hot tub filter is constructed correctly then it can eliminate or stop the growing of almost all bacteria and protozoan parasites. This mechanism is great; it’s easy to use, has a long life and gets the job done right. The final filter is the biosand; this filter will remove almost all protozoa and most bacteria. The biosand filter takes the shape of a small container and with water above the sand that moves through the sand to a bioactive layer that absorbs the particulates. This is an effective mechanism with easy upkeep.

Discount Swimming Pool Filters Online

With all of these options it can be difficult to know which filter is right for your pool or spa. We are dedicated to giving you the best customer service possible, so we encourage you to put our professionals to the test. We can answer all of your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 435-868-4020. Don’t buy cheap pool filters. Get affordable, quality parts from PlumbersStock.

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