Soaker Tubs


Soaking bathtubs are in high demand because they are deeper, and in some cases, not quite as long as traditional units.  It can be difficult to find the right soaker tub to complete the perfect bathroom, but you can read on for help. With a wide variety of designs and colors there are many options to choose from.  Deep soaking bathtubs should be a relaxing and practical addition to your restroom. 

We offer a great range of prices and options that are sure to offer the best addition for your bathroom.  Also, find the perfect tub spout to match your new soaker tub.  Don't forget, if you need drains, towel bars, and soap shelves, we carry the perfect complimentary accessories.

Finding the Best Soaking Bathtub

When choosing shopping it is important to consider the overall use of the tub. Is the main use going to be for relaxation? Or will it mostly be for practical washing purposes (some people just need a deeper tub)? Asking these kinds of important questions before purchasing a tub can help you avoid buyer’s remorse because you’ll be better equipped to find the best soaker tub.  Maybe you want one specifically for design purposes.  In that case you may want to consider a freestanding soaking bathtub.

Another important consideration when choosing a soaker tub is the size of said unit compared to the output of your water heater. Make sure that they are compatible.  The last thing you want is a deep soaker tub that you can only fill halfway with hot water.

Types of Soaker Tubs

·  Free standing soaker tubs stand on clawfeet or a sit in a base. They can provide a great focal point for any bathroom.  A simple or intricate design can be chosen to add to the design of the bathroom.  Either way the tub will likely define the room.

·  Corner tubs are great for filling that empty corner in your bathroom. The bathtub fits snugly into the corner leaving only one finished side exposed. Certain designs offer a curved visible wall to add visual interest to deep soaker tubs. Some corner units are able to fit two adults.

·  A drop-in soaker tub offers the dual option of being installed on a platform or set below floor level. Drop-ins are generally made of lightweight acrylic as opposed to metal. This material makes large tubs more feasible in terms of weight. You can choose a drop-in unit with an option for molded seats.

·  Material and size options vary and PlumbersStock has such an extensive inventory you are sure to find the best fit for your bathroom design. Options included metal, porcelain, acrylic, glass, and cast iron.

·  Don’t forget about the walk-in soaking bathtub.  This model is great for the elderly or those who are going through physical rehabilitation.  It’s much safer to climb in and out of, and the molded seat is ideal for ease of use.

PlumbersStock offers options from the best manufacturers in the business.  Choose from soaker tubs by American Standard, Toto, and Aquatic.  Their quality crafting ensures you have a bathroom fixture that is built to last.

Additional Considerations:

When deciding on the right deep soaking bathtub, it is important to make sure that it is a comfortable size for you and any others who may use it.  While an oversize bathtub may be optimum for relaxing a melting away your stresses, make sure the unit is not so big that it is an unnecessary waste of water.  Another option to consider for your soaker is adding a non-slip bottom or a grab rail ideal for elderly users.

Buy Soaker Tubs Wholesale at PlumbersStock

Not only are you able to browse through hundreds of soaker tubs in minutes but PlumbersStock also offers great prices and excellent customer service.  If you have any questions about products, or completing your home project please contact our professionals.

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