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If you are looking for a great way to increase the water efficiency in your home, while lowering your electricity bill at the same time, you have come to the right brand. Takagi water heaters offer great electric tankless technology that not only works better than their standard counterparts, ”eliminating cold showers in the morning, but also save you a bundle. And, with a host of other plumbing and HVAC products to make your projects go as smoothly as possible, Takagi has all you could ever need.

Why Go Takagi Tankless?

Takagi tankless water heaters are a relatively new product that is now sweeping the nation. Offering the epitome in efficiency, and eliminating the problems caused by current tank models, tankless water heaters can make your life much easier. Just a few advantages that come with Takagi tankless include:

  • Lower Electric Bills: Behind the air conditioning system, water heaters are the most expensive energy wasters in the house. Fortunately, a Takagi tankless water heater can lower the electricity used by 50% or greater, increasing inefficiency and making sure your bill is low every month.
  • Hot Water on Demand: A big reason that electricity isn'™t wasted when using a tankless water heater is the fact that it doesn't keep a tank of water hot throughout the day. Instead, it heats the water as it's used, giving you hot water whenever you want it and making sure that you never have cold showers again.
  • Longer Lasting: Standard water heaters currently only last around 10 years max, meaning you will find yourself changing them out somewhat regularly. However, electric Takagi water heaters can give you upwards of 20 years, saving you even more money!

With these three major factors, even though you'™ll be spending more upfront, you will be saving money as time goes on. Add in the overall efficiency, and it makes all the sense in the world to choose an on-demand water heater from Takagi.

Other Products

Of course, we offer Takagi water heater parts, but they offer more than that, like couplings, adapters, roof jacks, flashing, vents, terminators, parts, and accessories. These products, while not the focus of Takagi, still are unequaled in quality and are perfect for HVAC projects. No matter if you are making a ventilation system or what, Takagi is the perfect company for you!

Buy Takagi Water Heater Parts from PlumbersStock.com

At the end of the day, PlumbersStock.com offers the best water heaters - tankless or otherwise - and HVAC vents and products on the market (from Takagi, of course). With that in mind, and the fact that we offer the lowest prices too, it'™s time to choose PlumbersStock.com for your water heater needs! Takagi tankless water heaters™ produce quality, and our wide variety of products offer the best solutions for your hot water management.

Call today for more information about all brands of on-demand water heaters, or check out the rest of our site. Thank you for visiting PlumbersStock.com.