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Square Tools

About Square Measuring Tools

Mark your work material and make accurate measurements with the quality, discount square tools found here at PlumbersStock. If you must measure twice and cut once, then you will want the ability to measure and draw fast and that's exactly what you get with a square tool.

What Is a Square Tool?

Also referred to as a construction square, it is a measuring device that allows you to draw quick right angles. It's used in a number of industries, from carpentry to engineering. Use it to draw lines on material so that you can cut it, locate holes, and more.

Buy Discount Construction Squares Online

Just like with all of our hand tools, PlumbersStock offers quite a few options so that you can be sure to get a square tool that matches the needs of your projects. If you have any trouble finding the right tools, then please contact our team. We carry lots of reputable brands, including:

  • Empire
  • Irwin
  • Johnson
  • Savage
  • Stanley
  • Swanson
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