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About Connectors

We offer a variety of discount connectors for many different applications, like coaxial connectors, digital splitters, adapter cables, audio connectors, and more. PlumbersStock offers some of the lowest prices, giving you the flexibility to meet your budget.

We have some of the best tools online, and that includes hardware like the connectors you find here.

What Are Connectors?

At their very core, connectors are a way to connect cables of any type, “formatting” them to be useful in certain applications. For example, CATV F Adapters are coax cable connectors with the proper ending to be connected to a TV, cable box, or wall outlet so television data can flow from the cable company. This sets your home up for television or internet, and gives the coaxial cable more of an application than a simple wall ornament. Connectors can also connect rope, multiple coaxial cables, fiber optics, and even power meters throughout the home.

Different Types of Connectors

In our stock, we provide a multitude of different connectors to fit your needs; these include:

  • Universal Connector Interface Adapters: Perfect for direct connectivity to a wide range of fiber optic connectors, these types of adapters provide accuracy when performing measurements on fiber optic systems. In other words, these are used to run tests on fiber optic cables, providing an anchor point for the application.
  • Audio Connectors: these make it possible to custom-tailor connections for audio equipment. There are various audio connector types, so make sure you get what you need.
  • Splitters: If your coaxial cable needs to connect to multiple applications within the house (such as your internet and cable), splitters will give you the ability to do so. The coax cable connectors come in multiple port options (from 2-5 way, most commonly), and are mainly used with digital signals. Splitters come in many configurations, so make sure you know which coax connector types will meet your needs.
  • Compression Connectors: These are common on pipe couplings and are used to provide a watertight seal within the pipe. They are reusable, easy to use, and are a very important part of any plumbing or electrical job.

Buy Connectors Online

For all these connectors and more, you need to look no further than PlumbersStock. We offer a great choice of connectors for all types of jobs, and all of them at our low, low prices. So, no matter if you are looking for a rope connector, a coax cable connector, or even an audio connector—such as our compression units—you can count on us.

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