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About HVAC Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are an important part of your furnace. There are a variety of HVAC switches to ensure it operates properly. The draft inducer creates negative pressure and the furnace pressure switch detects this and signals to the system to shut off.

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Furnace Pressure Switch Brands

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Troubleshooting Guide: My Pressure Switch Is Stuck

If your pressure switch is stuck, this can create a big problem with your furnace. Since your pressure switch naturally closes to allow current through to start ignition, if it’s stuck you’ll find that you won’t have enough power hitting the inducer and therefore, enough power to start the furnace.

If you find yourself with a stuck pressure switch, a replacement is not always the best answer. Instead, try and unstick the pressure switch first before shopping around for a new one. This way you can save yourself money if you manage to repair it. And of course, the best way to repair something is to understand how it’s meant to work in ideal conditions.

In the simplest sense, your furnace works like this: when you adjust your thermostat and start up the furnace, your control board gets the request for heat. The control board senses the adjustment of the thermostat and activates the pressure switch. The pressure switch connects to the draft inducer motor and reads the reaction from the motor, eventually resulting in your furnace turning on due to good air pressure flow, or stalling out due to poor air pressure flow. If you’re looking to fix your stuck pressure switch, here’s how:

  1. Start at the Beginning – The first thing you’ll want to do is inspect your control board. Is the switch stuck because something is in its way? The switch is connected to hoses that fill with water, and sometimes that can be the problem. If not, check for a mechanical obstacle. If neither of those is the problem, the switch may be faulty. Check for faulty wiring before pronouncing the switch is bad, though.
  2. Inspect the Switch – Check the Pressure Switch using a multimeter set to Ohms. This will tell you whether or not the switch is opening or closing properly when the heat is requested from the furnace. If the readings are good, check for garbage in the condensate trap.
  3. Switch Isn’t a Problem – If the switch doesn’t appear to be faulty, then the problem most likely lies with your furnace operation. Use a cloth and wire brush to remove any dirt around the secondary exchanger and inducer. Clean the drain tubing by blowing compressed air through it (but don’t forget to blow into the secondary exchanger while you’re doing this to maintain proper pressure) and adjust the condensation trap so water can reach the drain.

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