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Water Heater Accessories

About Water Heater Accessories

The right accessories can improve the longevity water heaters. Whether you are installing a new water heater or looking for water heater parts for routine maintenance, we have great deals here at PlumbersStock.com.

We have all the TAKAGI, Watts, Camco, and Bradford White products you need to complete your water heater installation. Having the right water heater accessories and parts is half the battle:

Insulate Water Heater and Pipes

Insulating the water heater keeps the heat inside and lowers the costs of maintaining the storage tank at the temperature you desire. It also keeps the water heater from causing the room or area to become too hot. The average cost you will save by insulating your water heater is between 5 to 15% depending on the model. When insulating a water heater we recommend following the manufactures guidelines.

Inefficient hot water heater accessories, like standard pipes, cause your hot water to lose about 9% of its heat as it travels through your plumping and in to your faucets or appliances. When you insulate your pipes you can raise the temperature that comes out of your faucets up to 4%.

Leak Alarms

A leak or a water tank rupture can cost thousands of dollars in damage and no one wants to have a damaged water tank flood their house. When a water tank ruptures the first thing you want to do is turn off the burner and the water main. There are leak detection units that sound alarms and turn off the burner. There are also all inclusive systems that sound alarms, turn off the burner, and turn off the water supply to the tank. If a leak is caught early enough you can either get your unit fixed or replaced before it causes the tank to rupture and flood your house. Also if you get a leak fixed as soon as the alarm triggers you will save yourself on water and heating costs, since you won’t be losing any more water.

Expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks are water heater accessories that are used to protect your water heating system. The tank is partially filled with air, which cushions shock caused by water hammer and also absorbs excess water pressure of heating water. When using an expansion tank you create a way for your storage tanks or other applications to be able to release some pressure when heating water. That allows for you to save on wear and tear of your system so that you don’t have a tank burst or other pressure related damages.

Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems

Did you know that when any hot water goes down the drain it takes energy with it? That is energy that you’ve already spent money to create. A drain water, or grey water, recovery system can help capture that energy and use it to pre-heat the cold water going into your water heater or into any other system that uses water. This really helps if you purchase an undersized water heater and also allows you to turn down the water heating temperature without affecting the capacity.

There are two main ways to recapture that heat:

  1. The best way to recapture the lost heat is to use some type of storage system that has a tank containing a reservoir of clean water. The drain water flows through a spiral tube at the bottom of the tank, warming the water which rises to the top of the tank. When the water heater draws water into it, the water is preheated by circulation through a coil at the top of the tank.
  2. Non-storage systems usually have a copper heat exchanger replacing a vertical section of the waist drains. When warm water flows down the waste drain, incoming cold water flows through a tube wrapped tightly around the copper waste drain. Thus the water going into your water heater is already preheated when warm water is being used and going down the drain.

Save on Water Heater Accessories

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