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Sprinkler Valve Parts

About Sprinkler Valve Parts

Whether installing a new irrigation system or replacing new sprinkler system parts, you will find everything you need, including sprinkler valves. At PlumbersStock, we have many types of sprinkler valve parts to choose from, including:

How Do Sprinkler Valves Work?

A sprinkler valve works together with a solenoid valve and water flow. An electrical current controls the solenoid valve and tells it when it needs to open and close. When the solenoid valve is engaged, it allows water to flow to the sprinkler heads. Without a properly working valve, it is almost impossible for your sprinkler system to work.

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Irrigation Valve Parts at PlumbersStock

We offer a large selection of valve parts for every irrigation system imaginable. Our parts are durable and made with quality that will withstand the elements.

Valve Repair Kits

Have you ever had an irrigation valve part fail on you? By keeping a valve repair kit on hand, you will be prepared for an emergency the second it strikes. Our large selection of valve repair kits to choose from. You will find kits for Anti-Siphon repair, kits for repairing a closet, and even seat valve repair kits. No matter what problems you are having with your valves, we have a repair kit to fix them.


A solenoid is an actual device that opens and closes to let the water pass through the valve. If you have a broken solenoid, your water is either constantly flowing or not flowing at all. At PlumbersStock, we have many different types of solenoid sprinkler valve parts to choose from.


For a sprinkler valve to work correctly, you will need a proper working diaphragm. A diaphragm is also known as a stopper. It blocks the water from passing through the pipes. Once the solenoid is activated, it allows air inside the valve. This pressure makes the diaphragm raise and lets the water flow into the outlet. If you have problems with your diaphragm or need a new one, you have come to the right place. Our wholesale sprinkler valve parts include many options to choose from for diaphragms, making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Buy Discount Sprinkler Valve Parts

For a valve to work correctly, every component must be doing its part. If you have problems with a particular part in your valve or need a new valve together, we are here to help. At PlumbersStock, we know the importance of a suitable working valve and have searched high and low to bring our customers some of the best irrigation valve parts.

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